10 Kitchen Gadgets You Can not Live Without


No matter whether you've got a stylish bachelor pad, a country farmhouse or any other type of then you'll no doubt spend some time in the kitchen.

Here are 10 of the most essential kitchen accessories.

1. A good corkscrew sometimes with a bottle opener on, does not have to cost a fortune, but it does have to be reliable and put back in the right place. There's nothing worse than trying to open a bottle of wine with no corkscrew!

2. A good tin opener will again be reliable and easy to use. You may prefer to use an electric tin opener, and these can be invaluable for those with limited mobility.

3. A steamer helps to ensure that your vegetables retain as much of their goodness, and vitamins as possible. If your vegetables usually end up as tasteless mush, then a steamer will help you to produce crunchy colorful vegetables that taste as nature intended them to.

4. If you are a coffee drinker, then you'll appreciate the importance of a coffee machine. Instant coffee may be easier and quicker, but it does not taste anything like as good as freshly made coffee. You can also experiment with coffees from all over the world to find your favorite.

5. If you're a tea drinker, then why let the coffee drinkers have all the fun? Different types of loose teas such as green tea and black tea need brewing for different lengths of time at different water temperatures to make the best cup of tea. A tea machine will take the guesswork out of tea making, and provide you with a cup of your favorite loose tea every time.

6. Good pans are worth the investment if you intend to cook regularly. Expensive pans may not seem to offer anything different to cheaper pans, but the better the pan, the more efficient it will be. In the case of frying pans, a better pan will need less oil, meaning that the food you fry will be better for you.

7. A set of good knives is a worthwhile investment too. You may not understand why one knife is so much more expensive than the other. It's only when you use a better or more expensive knife that you realize that there really is a difference. A good knife will sit well in the hand, and stay sharp for much longer than a less knife. For some culinary tasks, being accurate with a knife is vital, so treat yourself to a good set of knives.

8. Accurate scales are important to ensure that quantities are right in recipes. Digital scales are the most accurate, but some people prefer the look and feel of traditional style scales that you need to put the weights on to balance the scales.

9. Nice glasses are not just for show. While the free glasses you got with some petrol years ago might be fine for soft drinks, you will not want to drink nice wine or cocktails from them. Glasses do not have to be too expensive, and only you will know how much use you will get from them.

10. A vegetable rack is a permanent reminder of what vegetables you've already eaten, and so need to replace. Also, you will have no excuse for not eating your five portions a day if you keep your vegetables on a rack.

If you've moved house, doing up the kitchen, or looking to replace some old kitchenware, why not try out some of these gadgets and accessories?

Source by M James