10 Types of Students


1. The Slugs . You gotta love these kids, male and female. They slip into their chairs. They drag their feet between classes. They have no energy, no motivation, and no confidence. You just want to give them a vitamin supplement or something. Do not get me wrong, they are sweet kids and they are never belligerent. That would take too much effort.

2. The PerkyOnes. I'll admit. I'm really not a morning person, but at 7:45 students begin poring in my room. These students are over-cheery, over-rambunctious, and over-the-top. When they walk into my room they yell, "Go ———- od —– mor ———- ning !!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!! " I'm sure the electric chair was more bowl.

3. The PowerPlayers. Always lurking, these students are waiting for the big opportunity to capture the spotlight. The punch line. The zinger. The stunt. The aha moment. Take note of these students because they will be in politics 15 years from now … or used car sales.

4. The MerryMen. Just like Robin Hood, these students follow the leaders in the school. They are smart kids with no confidence. Sadly, the so-called leaders are not always the sharpest tacks in the box, therefore the MerryMen only look as smart as their leader. These students are easy to teach. If you just focus on the leader, the others will follow.

5. The GiddyGals. Not to be sexist, these students are the female MerryMen. The similarities are undeniable. The results are the same. Sad, but true.

6. The Meanies. It always amazes me how mean students can be to one another. It really is Darwin's Survival of the Fittest. The predators cleverly choose the meek for prey. With a simple glance or harmful prank, the Meanies can ruin a student's day. It's worse that watching a reality show because you know the pain is real.

7. The Acers. Kindergarten set the precedent for perfect scores, now we must live with the consequences. These students want the A, no matter what. Is the class too easy? Who cares, I want the A. Is the class interesting? Who cares, I want the A. Should you take an AP class as a challenge? No way, I want the A. Do you like Alphabet Soup? Yes, but I only eat the A's.

8. The Submarines . They do not draw attention to themselves. They always do their homework and never ask a question. They skim just under the surface, undetected. Now, the problem is that these students could be the most brilliant and creative students in the class. Unfortunately, the PowerPlayers steal the show.

9. The Geeks. It is cliche. It is predictable, but you can not have a list of stereotypes without the Geeks. You may imagine the black glasses and pocket protectors, but that is not the case. The fashion police have taken over the Geek Squad to look, well … normal. You now have Geeks that blend in with the crowd, waiting for the day when they will employ the majority of their peers. Mu-ha-ha-ha.

Last, but certainly not least,

10. The Techies. They sleep next to their computer. They can not bear to be away from social media for more than 50 minutes. But they are much "tech-ier" than they let on. They know more about the school's network than 99% of the teaching staff. In their spare time, they are trading stocks, patenting gadgets, and feeding their retirement portfolio before they ever hit the work force.

Source by Robyn Ryser