10 Ways to Lose a New Marriage


When the wedding bells are still ringing on your ears, wake up honey, and learn the facts. Here are 10 things you should never-ever do during your first year of marriage:

1. You forgot to wear your ring. While the first time may not be so bad, do not push for a second. Just because you're not used to it yet does not mean you have the excuse to keep forgetting.

2. Your mother-in-law leads casseroles. Every night. In-laws usually do not think they're doing any harm when in fact they're causing late-night rumbles in the bedroom. Clearly, the son or daughter should make it that you have your own lives now.

3. You're constantly calling, asking where the other is. Control-freak-ness, in other words. Marriage is built on trust, so if you keep doing this do not expect your marriage to last very long.

4. You insist in doing all things together. You want to take your spouse with you when you buy some groceries. And when you have your nails done. Or even when you go out with the guys to play pool. Come on! Even if you're a couple, you're still two different people, who just happened to be in love.

5. You insist in doing all things by yourself. While you know you are actually capable of handling things on your own, you are not just living your life alone now, so some things do need to be done with each other's help, like planning your financial future.

6. You tell your best friend intimate details about the relationship. Its ok to vent, but do not go squealing your spouse's entire fumbling sexual acrobatics, especially to a friend who knows both of you well. Allow your spouse the dignity of having other people's respect.

7. You are so determined to not "lose yourself" on your marriage, you come off as selfish and inconsiderate. You do not like watching movies. He asks you to do so every week-end. You and your buds agree you should not be trapped into something you do not like to just because you're married. But we're not talking about torture or the military here; this is your spouse who wants to be with you on a night out. Give in once in a while and show your love.

8. Forget about always condeming your mistakes. You say sorry even if it's his fault! Do not be scared to admit to yourself that you married sometimes who will sometimes be a loser. Blame him for when it is right to blame him, while admit to your own mistakes. Do not take it all on yourself.

9. You have to have that new gadget. Now. So you blow your entire salary on it. Without consulting your spouse. This is bad. I know it's your money and I know you worked hard for it, but take care of your responsibilities first, especially that you're just starting out. Sometimes after 3 months of saving what's left over from your house bills, then you can buy whatever you want.

10. You always compare your marriage to other marriages. No matter how wonderful your marriage is, when you compare yourself with others, you'll always see the flaws and end up sulking about it. Instead, always think of why you decided to get married in the first place.

Source by Dave Poon