3 Common Inhaled Asthma Medication Side Effects


Asthma is a kind of disease that does not choose its victims. It can either be young or old, rich or poor, or male or female. A significant number of people had been plagued with this disease. One of the most common medications of asthma is through the use of inhalers. There are inhalers that have drugs, which provide immediate relief but on a short-term basis, while there are those that are taken regularly, which prevents the onset of asthma symptoms. Whatever the type of inhaler you have been using, there are always several side effects of asthma medication. One of the commoner side effects of asthma is thrush. This is a yest infection that attacks the mouth and throat membrane lining. This infection usually manifests as white lesions found in the tongue and inside the mouth. Should the proper medication be not taken, it might lead to the spread of the infection into the various parts of the body.

An effective way to avoid getting thrush is through utilizing a spacer with the inhaler. One other common side effect of asthma medicines is coughing. While you’re in a frenzy to inhale the medicine, you may develop cough and spasms. Then again, all you need is a spacer to address this issue. Practicing breathing exercises when consuming your medication. In children, the most prevalent side effect of asthma medication is a stunted growth. Although this may be the case, it has been proven that the child will grow up to be normal in the later part of his adulthood.

Sad to say, there is not much you can do about these effects. All you need to consider on is to keep your asthma attacks at bay. If there is no need for an emergency inhaler, the chances of taking medication is slimmer. As much as possible, try to avoid the triggers of the disease as well as the other symptoms of the condition. It doesn’t matter what kind of asthma you have or what type of medication you’re taking because these medications all have side effects. The three items mentioned above are just some of the most common side effects of asthma medication. These side effects can be reduced through undertaking non-medicated techniques to control asthma.

Source by Michael Harrah