3 Ways to Get a Bigger Penis


Man, oh man, how do you decipher all of the different male enhancement plans and gadgets being touted as the best way to increase your penis size. It is bad enough to be less than well endowed, but do you really need the confusion when trying to pick a program that will help you gain a little size? This article will serve to clear up some of that confusion by shedding a little light on the top 3 ways to get a larger penis. After you have read this you should be able to select a program that will provide the gains to your manhood you want.

Probably the most heavily advertised male enhancement products are the capsules and pills. Be careful when you are shopping. Do the pills actually advertise themselves as penis enlargement pills, or do they just say male enhancement? There can be a difference! Enhancement can mean a variety of things other than enlargement. Increased blood flow can be an enhancement, but that will not make you any bigger. Improved prostate health is an enhancement, too. Of course, a healthier prostate will not increase your penis size, either. The term 'enlargement' can only mean one thing. GETTING BIGGER! If your goal is a larger penis, make sure any pills you try are penis enlargement pills.

There are numerous gadgets that promise extra growth, too. Most of them are total junk! Penis pumps, for example, are sold each day by the thousands, and they will do nothing to promote permanent growth. The pump was originated as an aid for diabetic men who are impotent. Somehow, through the years, someone got the idea that because a penis pump gives you a quick and very firm erection it could be sold as an enlargement device. It will not work as such, so do not be fooled. The only device that has any merit to being able to increase size is a well made extender, or stretching device. It must be well made, as poorly made stretchers can do irreversible damage to your penis, resulting in deformity and impotence. A well made stretcher can increase penis size, but will cost between $ 200 and $ 400. If your size is less than six inches, that may not be a bad price to pay to gain a couple of extra inches to the old package.

Natural penile exercise has long been the best way to get a larger penis. You can find good programs online, so you can order them privately. There is even a good penis enlargement video that makes following the exercises exactly a snap.

Enlargement pills, penis extenders and natural penile exercises are the top 3 ways to get a larger penis. If you really want to kick your progress into high gear, and get some phenomenal gains in a short period of time, try combining the three methods into one complete daily routine. 2 to 4 inch gains with this combination training technique will not be uncommon! Just make sure to let your woman know that change is on the way, or she may not recognize you in the dark!

Source by William Lee Stevens