5 Tips to Creating a Weight Loss Vision Board


A weight loss vision board can be a useful tool to help you attain the goal of having balanced weight. It keeps you visually focused. By having the picture of well-being in your mind constantly, you are less likely to make unhealthy choices. Vision boards are especially great if you have a specific goal that you would like to work towards. So if you are hoping for success, you would use photos that relate to success. If you are hoping for good health, you would use photos that relate to wellness.

A vision board is typically a collection of photos that relate to the dream you hope to manifest. It is a tool that you can use for applying the law of attraction. When you look at the pictures of slim and healthy-looking photos, you feel inspired to have the same for yourself. You feel positive rightaway. By impressing your subconscious with the same images, you change your internal programming of thinking and feeling fat and lazy. You are motivated to take actions that lead you to wellness.

Your body is highly intelligent. It has a natural tendency to know what it needs for balance. When you are congruent, the choices that you make feel right. You experience wellness overall. You are able to perform at your optimum level. Instead of feeling sluggish, you experience lots of energy.

The following are tips that can help you create a better vision board for weight loss

1. Find a role model. Exercise is some thing the many who lead sedentary lifestyles find hard to accomplish. It would help if you have a role model to emulate. Hence, place a picture of this person on your weight loss vision board. You could also place photos of people you would like to resemble.

2. Choose photos that will elicit an emotional response. You need to create an emotional response each and every time you look at them. If they do not, then your photos simply will not accomplish the goal you have set for them. Hence, choose pictures that reflect vitality, such as people jumping, doing some amazing sports and having happy faces.

3. Use your Before pictures. Most certainly, should you have a photo of yourself before you gain all that extra pounds, put it on your board too. It helps you to connect with the time when you are feeling good about your body. You also know that it is possible to lose what you have put on recently.

4. Choose pictures of healthy food. Consider placing pictures of tasty looking healthy foods such as salads, fruits and whole grains. Select images that look yummy!

5. Choose pictures of exercises that promote holistic well-being. While it is optional, it will be great to consider holistic practices. These are pretty easy to find. Search for royalty-free photos on the internet. Exercise that promote holistic well-being include tai-chi or yoga.

You can help yourself by making your weight loss goals more appealing by making a weight loss vision board. Your vision board is one filled with colorful pictures of what you desire. You are in less resistance and more connected with feel-good thoughts. You feel connected with the possibility that you can be of healthy weight. Don’t hesitate any longer. Affirm your intent for wellness by making a weight loss vision board!

Source by Evelyn Lim