50 Reasons You Should Own A Food Processor


Here are 50 uses for a food processor, 50 reasons you should own one if you don’t already:

  1. Make fresh breadcrumbs in seconds. You’ll never have to waste bread ends again. Just put bread into your food processor and process until done.
  2. Chop nuts in seconds.
  3. Make a graham cracker crust quickly and easily. Put graham crackers into the food processor, turn on and process until you have crumbs. Mix with melted butter and press into a pie dish.
  4. Chop or slice onions without tears.
  5. Quickly pure berries and add to plain yogurt.
  6. Make homemade bread without hand kneading.
  7. Make blended soups.
  8. Make fresh butter from cream in just minutes.
  9. Make fresh homemade mayonnaise in minutes.
  10. Use wholesome ingredients to make homemade baby food. You control the ingredients when you make it yourself. The food processor makes it quick and easy to do at home.
  11. Make your own pet food using real ingredients. You’ll never have to worry about a pet food recall again.
  12. Make Ceaser dressing from scratch in less than a minute.
  13. Shred carrots in seconds and make carrot cake.
  14. Shred zucchini in seconds and make zucchini bread.
  15. Buy Parmesan cheese in a block and freshly grate when you are ready to use it. Ungrated cheese costs less, stays fresher longer and doesn’t need stabilizers or preservatives.
  16. Use it to grate unsweetened bakers chocolate, making it melt more evenly.
  17. Make Cole Slaw dressing from scratch in less than a minute.
  18. Use it to cut butter into flour and make a perfect pie crust.
  19. Use it to make fresh homemade pasta without hand kneading.
  20. Use it to shred cabbage and carrots to make homemade Cole Slaw quickly and easily.
  21. Make perfect, buttery, flaky scones.
  22. Quickly make Peach Bellinis and impress your friends.
  23. Stay at home for pizza night. Use the food processor to knead the dough and shred the cheese.
  24. Quickly chop or slice almost any vegetable. When vegetables are easily chopped or sliced, they are more likely to be used when cooking.
  25. Make chicken liver pt for that special occasion.
  26. Make fresh homemade Pesto in minutes.
  27. Make fresh homemade peanut butter in minutes.
  28. Whip up pancake batter in a couple of minutes.
  29. Pure fresh roasted pumpkin and make pumpkin bread.
  30. Make fresh homemade sunflower seed butter in minutes.
  31. Dry fresh herbs from the garden and use the food processor to chop them before storage.
  32. Make fresh homemade hummus.
  33. Freeze bananas and pure in your food processor for a tasty frozen treat.
  34. Mince mushrooms and make Duxelles, the mushroom paste found in so many French dishes.
  35. Make a cookie crumb crust. Take the cookie of your choice and process until you have crumbs. Mix with melted butter and press into a pie dish.
  36. Make homemade almond butter in minutes.
  37. Pure very ripe bananas and make banana bread.
  38. Make homemade crackers. The dough comes together quickly in a food processor.
  39. Chop fresh herbs quickly and easily.
  40. Chop garlic quickly and easily.
  41. Slice gallons of onions and make French onion soup.
  42. Freeze 1 inch cubes of seedless watermelon. Pure and you have a tasty frozen treat.
  43. Slice several cucumbers in seconds, toss with yogurt and enjoy.
  44. Make fresh homemade pumpkin seed butter in minutes.
  45. Make strawberry sauce in seconds.
  46. Pure cooked pinto beans and use as a low-fat substitute for refried beans.
  47. Make fresh homemade cashew butter in minutes.
  48. Puree cooked apples to make homemade apple sauce.
  49. Never again pay for shredded cheese with added stabilizers and preservatives. Shred cheddar, mozzarella, provolone and more quickly and easily.
  50. Pure cooked carrots and other veggies so you can “hide” them in a picky eater’s food.

Source by Heather Krasovec