A Birthday Is More Than Balloons – Involving the Kids to Be a Part of the Birthday Decor Prep


As kids, this day used to be the most important day of the year. It would come too late and leave so soon. Year after year, it would continue the same way but for the fact that every year it would define us more. What we wish for on our special day, is the true reflection of the person we are. Every one wishes to have the perfect birthday every year. We want to look our best, have the best time, and receive perfect gifts. But is that really it? Is a birthday really nothing more than just decorations and props? When was the last time that we did something other than planning what to buy for a birthday?

It is a special day, should we not do something special on this occasion? The way birthday parties are planned nowadays is by spending on locations and decorations. There used to be a time when this all used to be handmade; games were planned and meals were cooked. Kids would do their own things, making up games as they go, but over time all this lost its sheen. We no longer believe in those things. What we go for now, is hiring and ordering. All that has been left of planning is deciding which planner to call and what venue to book.

It is no longer about coming together for celebrating a special occasion and letting the person know how much we really care for him or her. Even the person who has the big day no longer thinks about things like these. It is just all about having the perfect day and looking the best. We have become so materialistic in our approach that we have forgotten meaning of emotions. It is high time that we bring back those good old days and go back to the way things once were.

More attention should be paid to the person than the occasion. We should encourage the children of today to learn the value of emotions, learn about what it means to value a person as a whole. Growing up in the times that we live in, being surrounded by gadgets, we are losing our touch with the more sensitive side of things. Telling a person that he or she is special is not as important as taking some time out for that person to ‘show’ that they hold a special value for you.

We need to teach children that a birthday is not all about decorations and parties, it is more about coming together and doing something as a group, as one part of the whole. Of course, it is important that we give the person a special day but is it not equally important that we tell them that that we have taken this occasion to let them know that he or she is special too? Maybe not everything needs to evolve with time. Sometimes, the old ways are the best. After all, there is a reason we say, ‘wisdom of ages.’

Source by Aman Tumukur Khanna