A Practical Windows 7 Help Guide


One of the reasons for the creation of Windows 7 was to make the use of the previous Windows tasks easier to use and faster to utilize. By utilizing the input of previous Windows users this version is new and exciting. It helps the user run their PC by implementing the following updated help items:

Taskbars: One of the great things about Windows 7 is that they've given you the ability to go back and forth between the pages or applications you have open by using the taskbar located at the bottom of the screen as well as the ability to preview your next screen with a full view picture before you change or switch your viewing page. It also lets you put the taskbar icons on the bottom of your screen in the order that you prefer as well as gives you larger icons and thumbnails for better recognition.

Jump Lists: When you are working on your computer via Windows 7 you will notice a new feature that call the Jump List. This is their way of helping you to keep the files in close by. The jump list lets you see the most recent files by right clicking on the icon that is located at the taskbar on the bottom. For example: if you right click on the icon for Word it will bring up current Word docs. The Jump list also lets you keep any files you need quickly available by pinning them onto your Jump list.

Desktop Gadgets: Windows 7 is full of gadgets that were designed to keep its program simple to use and have added many of these for the 7 user. You can start with the ability to being able to see all of the gadgets that are installed by dragging the mouse to the lower left corner of the desktop making all your gadgets visible. Many of the gadgets associated with Windows 7 give the user the ability to change the windows on the desktop.

Windows Live: By utilizing the Windows Live Essentials download you can get a free download that lets you install and use Live Messenger, Movie Maker, Mail, Photo Gallery and other applications that run faster and more efficiently in Windows 7.

Add on Devices: The great thing about Windows 7 is you can see all the add-on devices on one screen. This allows you to see exactly what printer, phone or other items you have installed and working for the computer. There is even a management site called Device Stage that lets you see the status of the device and lets you run tasks. This is a great help for the mobile phones, printers or portable media players you have linked to your computer.

Here are a few general control tips for Windows 7 help:

Find words or phrases – use CTRL + F
Open webpage in new window – use CTRL + N
Print – use CTRL + P
Select & Highlight all items on page – use CTRL + A
Zoom In – use CTRL + PLUS
Zoom Out – use CTRL + MINUS

Source by Fred Brinkmann