A Proven Way to Get a Bigger Penis


Okay guys! Raise your hand if you want a bigger penis. Whoa! Slow down, some of you put your hands down so I can count them all! Yes, you are just like I was a few years ago. As a freshman in college my erections were a measly 5.5 inches long! Pitiful, huh? My search was on for a proven way to get a bigger penis. I knew I was going to buy a penis enlargement program, but which one? There were so many to choose from!

I tried three different brands of male enhancement pills over the course of about two years. Wasted over $1000 on those useless things! Then, of course, I graduated to one of those ridiculous penis pumps. Now, I will admit it felt pretty good, and gave me a quick erection, but it was still only 5.5 inches long. You guys are probably smarter than me, so you realize the products promising gains within a week or two are just hype. Not me! I had to try them all. I am ashamed to admit that I even bought one of those stretching contraptions and wore it around my dorm room for two hours every afternoon. Did I gain anything? Just a sore penis! Not a smidgen of growth!

Now, getting more desperate as each day passed I was about to resign myself to the fact that there was no proven way to get a bigger penis. That all changed when a clumsy room mate headed off to class and left his computer open to a screen that caught my eye. It was an all natural way to increase penis size, and the program had an iron clad money back guarantee. I scanned through as quickly as I could, knowing my roomy would be back soon. Guaranteed? That was what really caught my eye. The other words of interest were. ‘all natural’. The really neat thing was that the system was said to be a medically proven way to get a bigger penis! My curiosity had me now. I jotted down the url, and that night proceeded to order the program. I think it cost me around $50. It was an instant download type thing, so within minutes I had the program. Hey! No gadgets or gimmicks! It was just exercises!

Man, oh man! Could this really work? I was determined to give it my best shot, so I followed the routines precisely each day. They only took about 10 minutes a day. After about two weeks my penis actually felt heavier. Within two months I had gained almost 1/2 inch in length! Hey! That ain’t bad for a little fellow, and it was just the beginning! Steady gains continued over the remainder of my junior year and by the time I graduated my erections were over 7.5 inches long! I gained over an inch in girth, too! When I think of all the stupid ways I used to gain some size I do not know what bothers me the most, the money I wasted, or the time lost with those useless gimmicks.

Well, it all worked out for me. I found a proven way to get a bigger penis, and it was a real blessing for me. I still find it kind of funny that after all those male enhancement pills and silly contraptions, the all natural way to increase penis size was not only the easiest and least expensive method, but also the only one that worked!

Source by William Lee Stevens