A Reader's Guide to the Romance Genres – Part 1


Romance brews between couples in a variety of situations. This is not surprising, considering the impetuous nature of love! Romance genres are numerous and every reader finds a particular romance type exciting.

It's the age of contemporary fiction. Contemporary romances are set in more recent times when the rules of love are new and liberal. A good example of this romance genre is romance stories written by authoress Danielle Steele.

In sharp contrast, historical romances are set in historical backgrounds such as the Victorian era, Tudor era, medieval age, or pre-war and post-war periods. Viking, Native American, and Pirate romance stories also fall under this category. Historical romance ebooks give an insight into romance happenings in a past era. The ways of love were very different back then. From gentle courting to persistent wooing, every aspect of love had an approach dissimilar to contemporary love. A historical romance tale that made 'history' is "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare.

If you adored detective stories as a kid, romantic suspense is a romance genre custom made for you. Typically, one of the protagonists is involved in a crime and as the couple work to solve the mystery, they fall in love with one another. Such books have elements of suspense interspersed with romantic love scenes.

Paranormal romance gives you a taste of the unreal, fantastical, or paranormal. These romance novels have vampires, beasts, shape shifters, ghosts, and the like. Gruesome and grisly details are kept to the minimum as they are essentially romance stories, but you could expect a few repulsive tidbits mingled in the story!

Science-fiction romance fuels the imagination of those who love gadgets and gizmos. Time travel, extraterrestrial voyages, and inter-galactic journeys are of chosen subjects of these romance stories. Revolving around tech-savvy protagonists, these tales prove that love could happen anywhere, even at an altitude of hundreds of kilometers!

Source by Sharons Smith