A Working Mom's Hair Loss Or Ear Ringing Remedies As Anniversary Gift Ideas For Men


It is definitely easier to drum up anniversary gifts for the man you love if you know your man's personality, fashion sense, his sports, his passion, his favorite TV shows, and movies well.

During the early years of my marriage, the anniversary gifts that I brave my husband were simple and quite inexpensive. On our first anniversary, I gave my husband a greeting card. And then for the eight subsequent years: a bottle of cologne; a pair of walking shoes; a ticket to the ballgames; a pack of men's briefs; power tools; DIY kits; digital photo key chains and personalized bathrobes.

From the tenth anniversary onwards, I was more inclined to buying gadgets and digital products. MP3 players, DVD players, mobile phones, and other cool gadgets were the anniversary gifts for him because of his love for gadgets.

Now that I am a work at home mom in my late thirties who has recently come to realize the importance of health, gadgets and products with the latest technology have since disappeared from my list of anniversary gift ideas, family gift ideas or best friend's gift ideas . Instead, health-related remedies, solutions or treatments are my gift options that I consider when it comes to buying gifts for hubby, family members and friends.

I bet you have never thought of giving natural hair loss remedies or stop ear ringing tinnitus solutions to your loved one or family members.

The initial 15th anniversary gift that I wanted to get from my hubby was that he went bald. I would love him to shave his head bald and look like Bruce Willis and Andre Agassi. I am sure you know what these two male celebrities have in common – bald heads. Since Bruce Willis and Andre Agassi look sexy with bald heads, I thought hubby would look as sexy as them.

To my surprise, hubby wanted to have lush, thick and healthy hair on his head again to be our fiftieth anniversary gift this year. Having gone through the embarrassment and anxiety because of his hair loss problem, he decided to try the hair loss remedy given by his buddy to regrow hair naturally.

If you want anniversary gifts that show you care about you man's health and well-being, perhaps you may consider giving him a natural hair loss remedy or stop ear ringing tinnitus solution. There's no male on the planet who does not appreciate a thoughtful gift, no matter what he says.

Source by Vedis Teh