Acne and Diet – Food Combination


By following the rules of food combining you will be looking further into the relationship between diet and acne. In doing so you will understand your body more and how food affects it.

What is food combining?

Food combining is finding foods that work well together chemically in the digestive system. The digestive system breaks down foods via acid. Different foods contain different levels of pH so mixing certain foods at the same meal can cause problems for the stomach. Examples of different food types that can do these are proteins, fats and carbs. By mixing these foods you can cause problems in your digestion and even cause fermentation which can lead to problems.
To increase your digestion you will need to follow the following rules.

  • Eat only one type of protein at one meal
  • Eat proteins and sugars at different meals
  • Eat carbs and protein at different meals
  • Eat melons on there own; they do not combine well with different food types
  • No more deserts in 3 course meals. They only cause problems by fermenting in the digestive system.
  • Eat proteins and fats at different meals
  • Eat acid and starches are different meals

Most of what is listed here are general rules of food combining. Breaking this rules and mixing the foods can create a chemical imbalance in your digestive system and can cause indigestion and fermentation.

If you follow these rules then you are one step closer to understanding the relationship between diet and acne and what works for you.

Source by Lee John Hughes