All About the Smart Features of Smartphones


A smartphone is basically a cellphone with some of the basic features of a computer or personal digital assistance. With the help of this gadget you can make phone calls, send and receive emails and edit office documents. Some find it as a small PC that enables phone calls, others call it a phone that runs operating systems and provides standardized interface. Overall, the device is a complete mobile phone with advanced features of accessing internet and emails.

There are many people who spend a hefty amount on a smartphone, but use the device as any other cell phones (only for simple voice communication) as they fail to explore the device and its features. Spending some time to learn the features of this new generation phone can definitely help you discover innumerable benefits from the device.


Any basic mobile phone is operated with the help of software that helps them include an address book, allow searches through the address or perform any other operation depending on the model. The software in a smartphone has advanced features that allow you to create and edit new MS Office documents and download applications such as personal and business finance manager.

The software also increments the functionality of the device by allowing you to get driving directions through GPS receivers, edit photos, and create a play list of digital music. Basically, the phones are based on operating systems that aid to run productive applications. While Blackberry phones are featured with specific blackberry OS, others have Windows Mobile or Palm OS.

Managing calls:

The Smartphone is still a basic cell phone since all the digital gadgetry. The user can manage multiple conferences and concurrent calls on the cell phone with the help of user interface. Apart from changing the ringing and ring tones based on callers or groups, the cell phone allows you to record the calls to digital files and save them to your PC.

Access to internet:

Thanks to the Wi-Fi (wireless network) support to the handset and the 3G data networks, the Smartphone users can access the internet at higher speed. You can use the device to browse your favorite websites, and receive and send emails. The phone can automatically reformat the HTML pages for display on small screen. Additionally, the device can also access Web 2.0 content.

Advance GPS features:

The Smartphone users can obtain current location by connecting to portable GPS receiver or integrating a GPS receiver to the device. You can get driving directions, point of interest in the locality, or search businesses by using the gadget. The Bluetooth technology in some phones enables you to detect people around you.

QWERTY keyboard:

For cellphone users who have gotten bored of pressing `1` to type` a, b and c`, there is good news. Now, with your Smartphone, you can get a keyboard like the one that you use with your computer where the keys are not in alphabetical order. You can use a physical keyboard to type on or a touch screen like an iPhone which is operated by software.

Multimedia features:

Smartphones are also featured with built-in digital camera and a sound recorder. Apart from taking still pictures, you can also record video clips. The features also allow you to share MMSes and SMSes to other smart phones or email addresses. With the help of additional software you can also share blog content and photos from websites.

These are the few features of the Smartphone that really make the device a functional one. With the continuing changing technology, we can look forward to a more superior and high-end Smartphone in a couple of years.

Source by Roberto Sedycias