Aloe Vera Treatment For Asthma


An Aloe Vera treatment can be considered for asthma patients in some cases to ease the symptoms but always make sure you talk to your doctor about it before trying it.

Asthma is the body's attempt to fight off an irritant and does this by wheezing, producing excess mucous and coughing. One in four people have asthma to one degree or the other. Allergies, emotions and even stress can bring on asthmatic symptoms. Medications prescribed for an attack include Albuterol as well as a natural means, aloe vera.

An asthmatic attack is indeed scary. The inability to breathe normally sets people into a panic mode and they will do anything to avoid an attack. Many do indeed go to the emergency room for medical monitoring until the negative symptoms subside. Learning to avoid stress, dust or allergens is an impossible feat since you are surrounded by them on a daily basis.

Minimizing these stressors is all that really can be done and even then not very effectively. Some medications there are some children who do outgrow the symptoms of asthma.

Asthma is not curable and if a natural method of lessening symptoms were to be found, no doubt many asthma sufferers would choose this course of treatment. In a 2005 study, 57% of asthmatics found relief from a combination of conventional and natural treatments than just by using prescription medications. The aloe treatment was one of the natural treatments used and studies since 1951 have proved how useful aloe is when treating asthma.

Natural steroids and other compounds
are found in an aloe vera treatment

These properties inhibit inflammation and some studies go so far as to say that removal of particles that cause an asthma attack was credited to the use of aloe vera. A word of warning. If an active asthma attack is experienced, you should not depend on aloe vera as a means to subdue the negative symptoms as these symptoms can be overwhelming, not only for the sufferers but for people who care about them. An aloe treatment should be used as a preventative measure.

An inhaler should always be handy for active asthmatic attacks but in between these breaks, a soothing natural aloe vera treatment can be considered.

Being diagnosed with asthma is no picnic in the park. True, some children do outgrow asthma, but the majority are the ones who will have to remember to take their inhaler everywhere they go. If an attack comes on, it is imperative this inhaler be available. But in the meantime, between those attacks, an aloe vera treatment can provide healing qualities that may help lessen the severity of the attacks.

Source by Maya Tenney