An Extensive Glance at Sony ES Receivers


Known for its expertise in developing, manufacturing, and introducing new electronic gadgets in the global commercial market, Sony takes pride in the outstanding and world-class home theater equipment that it offers. One of the latest additions of the firm to its product line is Sony ES Receiver. This equipment feature different and special technologies, which make it more popular in the electronics industry.

Description and Special Features of Sony ES Receivers

To those who like to improve the audio-visual capacities of their home theater systems, they can always include Sony ES Receivers in the systems. The sound equipment is very suitable for the different electronic gadgets that the first-rate electronics company develops. To enhance the sound effects and graphics that consumers play in their Sony PlayStation Portable or Sony PlayStation 3, they can attach the gaming gadgets to the receivers. Other electronic gadgets that are compatible with Sony ES Receivers are iPod and portable DVDs. Additionally, the receivers are easy to configure since they use an interface that is similar with PlayStation 3.

Models of Sony ES Receivers

Sony ES Receiver has three interesting and useful models, namely STR-DA3300ES, STR-DA4300ES, and STR-DA5300ES. To offer good quality resolution, Sony STR-DA3300ES uses an efficient video processor method developed by Faroudja known as Directional Correlation Deinterlacing or DCDi. Additionally, to produce excellent graphics, the model features several High Definition Multimedia inputs.

Another interesting and attractive model of Sony ES Receiver is STR-DA4300ES. This model uses more advanced audio video technologies than STR-DA3300ES. With the presence of these technologies, STR-DA4300ES is able to support different sound formats such as Digital Theater System High Definition Master Audio and Dolby True High Definition.

Finally, for those who are in search for receivers that will be useful and suitable for bigger areas, they can try the reliable and efficient Sony STR-DA5300ES. Consumers can attach several components in this receiver for it features six inputs for High Definition Multimedia systems. In addition, the receiver is compatible for electronic sound gadgets like MP3 players. Furthermore, it has a digital audio-video clock for XM radio systems.

Advantages of Sony E S Receivers

Sony ES Receivers have several advantages over receivers developed and manufactured by other electronics companies. First, even without the use of manual, people can set-up the receivers in their home theater system because it features an on-screen system that is similar with popular video game interfaces. Second, these receivers are compatible with advanced audio-video technologies such as satellite, cable, and even Blu-ray technology. Lastly, these products are easy to purchase since they are available in numerous electronic systems stores in the world.

For those who like to improve their home theater systems, they can always try the different models of Sony ES Receivers, namely STR-DA3300ES, STR-DA4300ES, as well as STR-DA5300ES. To have a closer look at the special features of the receivers, they can check the Internet since many Web sites provide information on these products. Additionally, the receivers have reasonable prices and they can be purchased online. With the modern technologies featured in these receivers, consumers will surely find these products reliable and useful.

Source by Peter Garant