Arabic Jelqing Techniques For Penis Enlargement


Arabic jelqing exercises have become popular only recently. They came about after people who had tried them successfully started spreading the word on the Internet. Now, there are established websites that get thousands of visitors every day who sign up for these exercises to make their penis bigger.

Exercising was not so popular until recently because there were a host of other male enhancement options available in the market. There still are hundreds of options available, mostly in the forms of pills and pumps but the fact is that most of these products are marketed in such a way that the companies make a profit and you come away with a lighter wallet. You will not however see any sort of results with these pills and silly gadgets as it is just not possible to increase the size of the penis quickly as they claim.

Penis exercises or Arabic jelqing techniques are becoming very popular and have a high satisfaction rate amongst its users because of one main reason and that is because they do not give you false promises. You will not be bigger overnight with these exercises. It will take you a couple of months in order to see results. Of course, since it is a natural process, it responds differently to different people. Some people might start seeing gains in just a couple of weeks although the vast majority have reported that it takes about 6-8 weeks to see enlargement.

This method also makes sense to a lot of people as it has a simple principle behind it. Just like you go to the gym to get your arms and chest bigger, you can also exercise your penis to make it bigger. One important distinction however is that the penis is not a muscle.

Exercises enlarge the penis by enlarging the size of the penis chambers. The penis consists of three large chambers that hold blood. These chambers are surrounded by cell walls that are very thick in most adults. Exercises gradually break down these cell walls to more normal levels over a few weeks. The result is that you are left with larger chambers that can hold more blood and that in turn allows you to have a bigger penis.

Since it is a natural and slow process, the body has enough time to heal and grow to give you a bigger penis. This is in contrast to a penis pump which will vigorously force you to pump more blood in to the penis. That is something that you should never try and you should stay away from penis pumps as they could result in burst capillaries. Penis exercises however coax your penis into growing and are therefore very safe to use.

It is recommended that those wanting to try penis exercises should only do so by following good quality instructions and according to a schedule to get safe and maximum results.

Source by Nick Stevens