Asthma and How to Resolve it Naturally


Asthma has become a very common health problem, in recent years. Why? Natural health practitioners are in general agreement that the main cause is the widespread use of suppressive drugs. Suppressive drugs suppress the immune system and tend to swap one health problem for another.

Whether or not you agree with this is rather immaterial, as you probably do not care about the cause, rather you care about its effective treatment.

Medication may seem to help many sufferers, but it does not help all. And, of course, not everyone wants to take the drugs, or they do not work anymore.

So let's look at an alternative.

Dr Buteyko was a Russian pioneer in the treatment of asthma. His research led him to discover that the atmosphere on earth at the time life was crawling out of the water, to discover land, was very rich in carbon dioxide. This means that all animal life has evolved from this. Learning to breathe in a carbon dioxide rich atmosphere.

So when your throat constricts, your airways spasm or fill with mucous, you are not about to die. It means that your carbon dioxide levels are at a critically low level and they need to increase FAST.

Only moments are needed, then you can breathe normally, again.

It's important to know that no-one died from asthma, before the days of its cortisone treatment. Constant cortisone stops your kidneys making it, so it can not quickly rally in an emergency.

So how do you raise your carbon dioxide levels fast, without having a scary attack?

Simple. You learn to hold your breath. If you do this every day, only for as long as is comfortable, you'll gradually be able to hold it for longer and longer.

Then when you feel the tell tale signs, such as a constriction in your chest or throat, you can immediately hold your breath for as long as you can. This means you'll avoid any breathing difficulties before they arise.

Another way is to place a paper bag over your face and breathe the air in the bag, repeatedly. This can be very effective, but it means you always need to keep a paper bag with you.

You can hold your breath anywhere, anytime. It does not cost you anything. It does not suppress your body. It's a great, healthy and above all, effective solution.

Learning to hold your breath to treat your asthma may well save your life.

Source by Madeleine Innocent