Asthma Medication – Keep it to a Minimum


Having lived with asthma symptoms for over 17 years the subject of asthma medication is very well known. Especially when asthma is aggravated by allergies to just about everything. What with flovent, beclovent, this vent, that vent, this danger, that side effect, the dark cloud of asthma always seems to be ever looming.

The regular ordering and trips to the drugstore or pharmacy are well known here. Dealing with insurance and constant changes to drugs and drug policies is a real pain in the% # $, to say the least. The constant misery from allergies can be a real downer. One develops a definite tolerance to this misery and the constant dull headaches become a normal part of the day.

Using any kind of an artificial drug typically will have detrimental effects on a person's health over time. Asthma medication is no different.

Having and using more than two asthma medications for a lifetime makes it all the more important to research alternate ways to fight the symptoms and disabling effects of asthma. There are many different natural remedies one can use for the treatment of asthma. Most of which can work if used properly and regularly.

The goal of using asthma medication less and less can be achieved, to the point where any medication needed for an asthma attack would only be necessary for a true emergency.

Many people with acute cases of this disease are beating the odds and making the use of prescribed asthma drugs a thing of the past. Reducing dependence can definitely improve health and lessen the hit to the pocketbook. Asthma is still a very serious life threatening disease and attempts to limit the use of asthma medication should be approached slowly and with caution. Always work with a physician and monitor symptoms closely.

Source by Bryon Zirker