Asthma Medications


One of the common lung diseases is the most debilitating Asthma. In the present world scenario, the number of people affected by asthma is steadily growing and threatening the human world. Mostly Asthma is caused by the allergy of the human body. Allergy can be towards any thing, dust, smoke, foods, atmosphere, household items, pets and many such common things. The polluted atmosphere is the major factor for the growth in the number of cases. As of now, this is a non-curable disease. Medication can be used to control the asthmatic symptoms. Asthma medications are aimed at helping the patients to counter the asthmatic attacks and also to make them to lead a healthy life.

Asthmatic symptoms include cough, breathing trouble, wheezing and tiredness. The inflammations in the lungs and bronchioles cause the breathing problem. The airways will be blocked and the body will not receive necessary oxygen. This makes the patient to breath heavily to gasp air and in turn wheezing and tiredness occurs. Severe asthmatic attacks, if not treated immediately and properly, can become life threatening. There are many modern medicines available in the market, which can contain the effects of Asthmatic attacks.

Anti-inflammatory drugs are being used to counter the inflammation in the lungs and bronchial airways. These drugs are very effective in decreasing the inflammations and for smooth passage of air through the airways to lungs. Usually these are given as preventive medicine in many patients to make sure that Asthmatic attacks do not occur. Steroids are one types of drugs which is highly effective in making the airways less sensitive to allergies and hence reducing the chances of inflammatory swelling of airways.

Once Asthma attack occurred, bronchodilators are used to reduce the discomfort and breathing problems. These drugs relax the muscle bands circumventing the bronchial airways. These effectively contain the constriction of airways and make it open, so that breathing problems can be immediately reduced. Once Asthma symptoms occurs, it is necessary to take bronchodilators.

Many anti-histamine medicines are proved to be very effective in reducing the allergic asthma attacks. Anti allergy medication will prevent the allergic effect on the body and hence the Asthmatic attacks or its severe nature will reduce.

Presently there are many inhaler therapies. This techniques puts the medicine powder directly in to the airways and lungs. This will have immediate effect and the patient gets immediate relief. Bronchodilators, cortisone steroids, anti allergic medicine and all other types of medicines are now available in inhaler form. This reduces the side effects on other organs of the body.

It is necessary for an asthmatic patient to have a medication plan with him always. He should be aware of modern therapies available, its advantages and disadvantages.

Source by Robert Grazian