Asthma Medicines


There are various medicines that are used to treat asthma. These include tablets, syrups, inhalers. Asthma medicines are given to control an asthmatic condition, this is because asthma is not curable and the treatment given is wholly to control the situation from getting worse. This disease affects the respiratory system.

It therefore affects the lungs by blocking the airways that transport air in and out of the lungs. The airways usually swell when affected and there is sufficient air is not transported. Asthma medicines come in different forms such as tablets and inhalers. The inhalers come in two types. Preventer inhalers which is used to prevent asthmatic attack from occurring.

The inhaler is used on a regular basis as this helps to keep the airways clear of any type of congestion that would hinder the flow of air. Reliever inhalers are used during an asthmatic attack. This helps to give the patient relief. The airways are able to relax from the relief. Syrups for asthma are also available. The medication helps to bring relief to the patient. When medications are not taken regularly, the condition can become severe.

This develops slowly with time and is due to get worse. The medicine helps to maintain a level of normally in the patient. Daily medications are good for patients with severe asthma to tone down the level of attacks. While those with a mild asthma can have irregular intakes of medicine. As long as a strict follow up of this is taken, chances of attacks reduce.

Source by Mercy Maranga