Asthma Meds FAQ


Do doctors frequently prescribe asthma meds?

Yes. And they often prescribe asthma meds for two reasons: to reverse symptoms during an acute attack and to prevent the onset of attacks. Consequently, asthmatic people often take prescribed daily meds along with PRN, or as-needed ones. Even so-called alternative medicine, such as homeopathy, makes use of asthma medication.

What drugs or asthma meds might my doctor prescribe?

It depends on the type of asthma experienced (such as seasonal, nocturnal or exercise-induced), the severity of asthma (mild intermittent, mild persistent, moderate persistent or severe persistent), the triggers and the presence of other meds problems.

And each person's unique body chemistry plays a role. People differ in their responses to asthma meds, and not every asthma meds works for every person. There is no one-pill-suits-all pills regimen; each person with asthma needs a custom-tailor asthma meds plan. No drug can cure asthma, but the right asthma meds or combination of asthma meds may do the next best thing: make your symptom-free so you can experience a full, rewarding life.

How are asthma meds dispensed?

Asthma meds or drugs come as pills, syrups, solution, in aerosol canisters and as powder capsules. Pills and syrups are taken orally. Powders are taken in a dry-powder inhaler. Solutions are placed in a nebulizer, a machine that converges the solution into a fine, medicated mist that is inhaled over several minutes. Commonly found in hospitals, nebulizers also may be used in the home if the person with asthma and his family have been well trained in filling, using and sterilizing the device. Nebulizers are used by young children, some people with severe asthma need to use a metered-does inhaler.

I do not like to take drugs. Is there any way I can minimize the amount of asthma meds I take?

Yes, other than asthma meds, asthma naturist treatment including proper breathing exercise works very well for most people. Also, some asthma natural remedy such as Respitrol and Oxy 17 can help asthmatic people control the disease.

Source by Clive Chung