Asthma – New Treatment


Asthma has no cure but prevention measures can be taken to control it. These measures include avoiding triggers, taking medication before and after an attack and getting informed on how to deal with the condition. This year, the theme for asthma is 'You can control your asthma'. As there is no cure for the disease, you just have to learn how to control it. As a result, one can live a comfortable and fulfilling life just like any other healthy person.

Asthma's new treatment involves knowing the triggers to your condition. These triggers can be animals, pollen, air pollution, hormones, sex, exercise, house dust mites and molds. Once you realize the triggers, avoiding it and taking appropriate medication to avoid an attack once in contact with the trigger is possible. This way, you do not have to be adversely affected by the condition.

The new treatment also involves doing a brief history of the condition in individual cases. This enables one to know the exact cause of the disease as the causes can either be family history of asthma, eczema, allergies, environmental pollution, irritants at work places or viral infections. Therefore, asthma new treatment will be much easier.

The treatment will involve doing some changes in your life style. If your asthma condition is as a result of irritants at workplace, changes should then be done. One does not have to necessarily quit their job but just take more precautions such as wearing protective gear. Asthma new treatment can also involve taking medication before coming into contact with the attack triggers. The medication though should be prescribed by a doctor.

Source by Mercy Maranga