Asthma Strategy


Implementation of the right strategies requires a good deal of effort from doctors, your family and friends. Strategies are set on key goals to be set with a consultation with your doctor. The management of your asthma should have guidelines, proper medicines and the avoidance of asthma triggers. You should have triggers documented once the triggers have been identified. You will know what these triggers are; these are the triggers that make your bronchial tubes begin to close and the air flow from your lungs to almost come to a complete stop. Being able to identify these triggers comes with time and experience.

One good strategy is watching the news and weather forecast to see patterns of high air pollution days. Air pollution can be a deadly trigger for asthma sufferers. If it turns out that air pollution causes you to have an asthma attack, document it as a trigger then decide on ways to avoid it as much as possible. Get a good air purifier in your home to constantly work on taking the pollution out of the air that you are breathing. Make sure that your filters on your furnace are properly kept up, to ensure the purest air possible so that the possibilities of the air causing an asthma attack are low.

Another good strategy is avoiding second hand smoke. If there is a smoker in the home, please ask him or her to smoke outside or in a designated room that has plenty of air flow to take out the trapped smoke. Second hand smoke can be a deadly trigger for someone that suffers from asthma; if you document this as a trigger, there really is only one way to avoid it. Stay out of bars or environments that allow smoking. Keep your home smoke free and ask that people not smoke in your home. Most people will understand and complain. Our best strategy is the clean air act strategy.

Another good strategy for avoiding asthma triggers is using good methods to remove dust from shelves, bedding and other sources that can hold and spread dust. Make sure your vacuum has fresh bags every few months and that it has a top of the line filter to not let the dust escape once it is sucked into the vacuum. Cleaning products also can be a trigger for someone that has Asthma. For instance, we use several types of cleaning products in our homes on a daily basis. Dusting, disinfecting and vacuuming can cause air borne contaminants to become a problem for someone who has asthma. This can easily be avoided if your cleaning would happen while the person with asthma is away or in a room that is farther away from where you are cleaning.

There is another strategy that I would like to share with you. That strategy is the overcoming of your asthma completely. Some say it is not curable but with my experience with asthma I can say that a good strategy and some unique methods could even or even eliminate your asthma symptoms all together. I am not talking about covering up your symptoms with prescription drugs and inhalers. I am talking the elimination of asthma. Your body is the cure; all it needs is the right tools. set your body up with what it needs at the right time and I do believe that it will get anything .. Learn more about how you can eliminate asthma and start to live a new life again, free from this enslaving disease. With something so natural that the FDA itself has given it a green light, what are you waiting for?

Source by Lee M Duncan