Asthma – What Are the Causes?


Asthma is a condition that affects the respiratory system of a person. When one has an asthma attack, the air ways to the lungs swell rendering air passage through them difficult. The symptoms are felt at this stage. This include shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, wheezing and coughing.

What causes asthma differs in patients. As a result, the attacks should be treated differently. The most common causes of asthma include family history of asthma. You will find that where prevalence of asthma in families is high, the same is carried down the generations. What causes this condition in this case is not well known.

Another cause of asthma is air pollution. This makes the air waves to be irritated because triggering an attack. Other causes are eczema and allergies. What causes an attack in this case is that the allergic reactions irritate the air ways. These in turn swell making air movement though them impossible. Allergic reactions can be to animals, pollen, medicines, mold, fungi, house dust mites, air pollution and hormones.

In a case where one has an allergic reaction to something, the best way forward is to just avoid it. As a result, attacks are reduced. Medication to prevent attacks when one comes in contact with the allergy causing substances can be taken. This is especially helpful if the allergy causing substances can not be avoided. These include; viral infections, weather, medications, emotions, exercise, sex and hormones. One is therefore able to lead as normal a life as it is possible.

Source by Mercy Maranga