Baking Soda For Weight Loss – Does it Really Work?


With the development in weight loss medicine and technology, there are so many products available in the market that would help you lose weight. Out in the market there are numerous weight loss diet pills and supplements that you can choose from and these products vary in terms of their application. Some of them can be applied externally while some of them have to be taken in or ingested. There are even those that need to be injected such as the amino acid injections that simply help you lose weight. Some of them are home made weight loss solutions such as the baking soda for weight loss solution.

Sodium bicarbonate also known as baking soda is an ingredient commonly used in baking most of the carbohydrates enriches foods that you eat such as cakes, bread and pastries. Most of these foods are the same foods that you need to avoid or eat less if you want to lose some pounds. What you do not know however is that one can still eat these foods with the help of sodium bicarbonate. For baking soda for weight loss program to effect, you do not really need to avoid eating the foods that you are accredited to eat and those that you crave for. Cakes and breads are certainly among the many things that you can not drop in your diet that for most of the time messes up your diet program.

One of the reasons why the baking soda is recommended to be used in bread is because of the fact that this ingredient contains both an acid and a base which makes it good filler. As filler, when added to the flour, you need not place as much flour in order to produce a bigger piece, the bread looks bigger and fuller than it is when it has sodium bicarbonate. For conscious individuals, the psychological idea created by fuller results which contained baking soda for weight loss make you think that you are eating too much than when you see small pieces of bread and then you do not really eat that much.

Also, they tend to produce more bubbles which make you feel fuller. There are those who are into diet who shared their experiences on the use of baking soda for weight loss. Correspondingly, the apple cider vinegar and baking soda is effective for weight loss and to alkalize your blood ph. There are also a number of articles that talk on the wonders of using a combination of the apple cider vinegar and the baking soda

Source by Anthony Thedford