Benefits of Exercise – Cardiovascular Fitness First


Is your cardiovascular health a complete nightmare? Does your stamina represent that of a wind-up toy purchased from a gumball machine? Well, if you answered yes to either of these, it's time to get up and get moving!

While there are many forms of exercise you can look to when beginning to get back in shape, cardiovascular fitness is a foundational building block that must be targeted first.

A lot of individuals do not understand exactly how important the benefits of cardiovascular exercise really are to their overall health.

So, let's take a look at just a few of them and I think the importance will start to sync in for you.

1) Cardiovascular workouts allow a wonderful way to warm up before moving on to other exercises

2) Cardiovascular exercises increase your heart rate, provide energy, and produce oxygen for your body

3) Cardiovascular programs will assist in decreasing stress from our daily lives

4) Cardiovascular exercise will promote healthy lungs and heart

5) Cardiovascular programs have also been known to reduce depression

6) Cardiovascular will boost your self esteem and confidence to new levels

7) Cardiovascular exercise will decrease our chances for illness and disease

8) Cardiovascular exercise will contribute to a higher metabolic rate, therefore assisting us in controlling our weight

Now this list represents some pretty important stuff as it relates to our overall health, but the exciting part is that this is only a fraction of the benefits targeting cardiovascular can achieve.

So if your contemplating getting off that couch and starting a workout, exercise, or physical fitness routine. Make sure you lay the proper foundation by targeting that cardiovascular work first. In doing so, all of the other routines or techniques you add will become a breeze.

Source by Ysabel Boatman