Best Selling Birthday Gadget Gifts and Novelties for Men


With 2007 now behind us I thought it would be a great idea to reflect on some of last year's best selling gifts. Many of these will continue to be favorite gift items for birthdays, anniversary and special occasions. Here are the top 5 best sellers.

Finger Drums

These Finger Drums were a big hit among kids and adults alike. Whether you are a drummer, music lover, or musician, you will get the thrill from banging away on this set of miniature but genuinely life-like finger sized drum. The super finger-sensitive tiny drums include large and small tom-tom, bass drum with miniature foot pedal, snare and cymbal, so there's nothing missing. For something as compact as this, the drum like quality is pretty amazing. The Finger Drums make a great birthday gift for the person who simply enjoy a bit of fun and entertainment.

Duck Shooting Gallery

Duck Shooting Gallery is a replica of the beloved carnival game that provides hours of fun for people of all ages. The interactive carnival barker will guide you through the contest. It is fully automated with a conveyor carrying the targets past the cross hairs, accompanying music and sound effects and a wireless infrared pistol. A hit will knock over a duck, and register on the game's LCD display. Each duck down scores you 10 points. Play against the clock to beat your best score in one minute or select continuous play for hours of duck shooting fun. You can choose between fast and slow modes of play which makes it ideal for novices and marksmen alike. The Duck Shoot Game is ideal at social and family gatherings as it will keep your guests entertained for hours!

Racing and Boxing Grannies

These novely wind up toys continue to amaze and amuse. The Wind Up Grannies are not only hilarious looking they are great fun to play with. Wind them up and watch them race against each other in their match stick legs. Those who are looking for more action will like the Boxing Grannies. Dressed in full boxing gear, with red gloves and silky shorts, they are not to be reckoned with! To play, simply press the button and watch these mean Granny machines throw some well-aimed punches at their opponent. The winner will be the first player to knock their Granny out for the count!

Mighty Wallets

A fat wallet usually indicates a rich wallet, but nowdays the trend is to go with thinner and easy to carry wallets. The classic novelty Mighty wallet is the way to go. Made of Tyvek, it feels like paper but it is actually made of thousands of long plastic fibers creating a surface that is both light weight and durable. The Mighty wallet is also water resistant and will protect against the moisture in your pocket which destroys leather. With various stylish designs (the most popular being the Par Avion design), Mighty wallets are trendy must have accessories for the modern guy! Being super light and thin, they can fit nicely inside a pocket or bag.

Personalized Football and Baseball Books

Football and Baseball are the Nation's 2 most favorite sports so it is not surprising that these gifts were hugely popular. This unique New York Times personalized Football or Baseball Book holds historical news reports of your favorite team. The book is presented in Burgundy, gold embossed with your recipients name. It contains 85 to 200 pages of wonderful insight into your favorite team: their history, the high and lows, the inside stories, the gossip. This is really a great gift for the football or baseball fan.

Source by Alice Duong