Camouflaged Exercise


Yesterday my brother came home with a new toy; a high-definition camcorder.

Now I love gadgets, and one of the features this thing has is the ability to record movement in slow motion, so he was eager to put it to the test and asked if he could film me doing a few exercises.

“Sure!” I thought, always eager to keep up with the latest technology and find an excuse to fit some exercise into my day.

So, as he got to grips with the camera, he asked me to do a few exercises while he was recording. He then reviewed the footage and got me to repeat the exercises until he had the hang of things.

Now, I didn’t do that much, time-wise. In fact I didn’t even finish whole sets of things. I just did 15-20 seconds of one thing, rested a few seconds while he reviewed the shot, then went again.

In little more than 3 or 4 minutes I did some sprints, squat jumps, bear crawls and push ups. Boy did I feel winded from that ‘all-out’ effort!

Within minutes of finishing I felt fine. Somehow I’d managed to ‘camouflage’ some effective exercise as an experiment in filming…

Today my abs are sore, my bum is feeling tight and my legs feel worked.

Like I said, I did no more than 4 minutes in total yesterday, and although it felt taxing at the time, I was only goofing about. I hadn’t set out to devote a lot of time to a training session.

The lesson is this; even small bursts of exercise daily will leave you feeling fitter, stronger and more energised.

I just threw a few things into those limited minutes and it worked.

Do the same. 20 seconds here, 20 seconds there.

DON’T tell me you don’t have 20 seconds here and there.

If you want to use that excuse then SIMPLY ADMIT that you’re not ready to get into shape!

Source by Simon Dainton