Can I Find a Natural Asthma Remedy?


What is asthma and is there a natural asthma remedy? Asthma is defined as "a condition often of infectious origin that is marked by continuous laboring and wheezing, due to constriction in the chest, often with attacks of coughing or gasping." Research has proven there are both nutritional and herbal techniques which have positive effects on asthma and its indicators.

When you think of asthma, yoga is normally not a word most people would put in the sentence. However, it should be considered a natural asthma remedy. Stress has shown to be a key activator of asthma. By incorporating breathing exercises associated with yoga, stress is lowered and asthma attacks lessen.

This may sound kinda fishy, ​​but another natural asthma remedy is high-fat fish (mackerel, cod and salmon). Full of omega-3 fatty acids, they have been proven to decrease inflammation. The jury is still out for some regarding whether asthma sufferers actually see a benefit; however, there is plenty of evidence to support the advantage these fish offer towards good health. For those who just can not stomach the idea of ​​eating fish, fish oil capsules can help to reduce symptom severity, including those bought on through exercise.

Flavonoids offer a beneficial natural asthma remedy. Flavonoids are a collection of natural compounds found in a wide variety of berries, fruits, vegetables, and- glory be – chocolate! Quercetin, a beneficial flavonoid derived from plant sources, has a good track record of inhibiting the release of histamines and is available as a supplement. Teamed with Bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapple, this pair can benefit the body during times of stress.

Please note – the information in this article is not intended as a substitution for a doctor's care. It is proposed the patient share this information with the doctor monitoring the asthma situation.

Source by Curtis Halford