Cellular Phone Memory Size – Would it Matter a Lot to You?


Cellular phones have become one of the things that are being prioritized by Americans at present times. Why? Simply because cell phones have become indispensable gadgets that affect almost everyone’s daily routine. Seldom would you see someone without a cell phone today, from children to grandparents, everybody seems to have some use for it. Because of this, cell phone manufacturers have added more features to newer phones to extend their functionalities. These functionalities, however, also created the need for more memory size. But would your cell phone’s memory size matter a lot to you?

Cell phones of today have ceased to become just mere communications gadgets. They have all sorts of features that extended the functionalities of cellular phones into a music player, a digital camera or video recorder, a medium to browse the World Wide Web, a gaming console, personal digital assistants, and a whole lot more. If you use most of these features on your phone, then the memory size of your phone will definitely matter a lot.

Features present in cell phones such as digital cameras or music players are notoriously known to keep files that may require your cellular phone to possess an awful lot of memory. This is why most cell phones in the market today either have several gigabytes of memory built in to it or have slots that allow you to insert mini Secure Digital cards or mini-SD memory cards to augment the dwindling memory resource of your phone. Some phones even feature a large built in memory plus a slot for external mini-SD memory cards.

Among the huge devourers of memory space, high definition photos and movies that captured by your cell phone camera would probably be near the top of the list. A single eight minute high definition video could cost your memory more than seven megabytes of storage space. Though this may not seem a lot to you, it does mean so much to your cellular phone considering that most built in memory of cellular phones are just at sixty megabytes. That means that your phone is capable of only handling less than an hour’s worth of video recording. This is why that you would need an external mini-SD memory card to augment your phone’s memory.

Other memory hungry files are music collections that you download to your cellular phone. Bear in mind that a single MP3 file could go as high as three megabytes and having twenty songs stored in a regular cellular phone would immediately deplete its memory resources.

Having a feature rich cellular phone with the intention of using most of those features would definitely increase your need for a bigger memory capacity. In the end, whether you need a higher memory size or not would depend on your intended use of your phone.

Source by Suzie Sanchez