Cheerleading Fundraising – Raising Funds Through a Bake Sale


Setting up a cheerleading fundraising can be a very tedious task that requires a lot of careful planning. These types of fundraisers are slowly gaining much popularity for a lot of different schools that are in pursuit of raising sufficient funds for their cheerleading team's uniforms and equipment. In here, we will discuss a few of the best cheerleading fundraising ideas that you and your team can employ.

A bake sale is one of the best choices that you can employ if you plan on raising funds for your cheerleading tem. This method is really easy to set up and this only requires a small amount of effort. With a little careful planning, you can easily transform this into a very successful event. The basic concept of running a bake sale is to have the members of the team prepare various types of lovely and tasty baked goods that will be sold to the community. Bake sales are often recommended as fundraisers because they cost little investment.

You can find different ways or methods that you can employ to bring in some extra excitation to your event. Adding a cake walk is one of your best alternatives. This really is similar to musical chairs. The individual standing on the winning square when the music stops wins a free tasty cake. With this, you may also sell cake raffle tickets for a dollar each. One of the greatest advantages of this on the part of the participant is the fact that you really do not need to be present during the raffle date to win. You'll be able to promote the tickets in advance. This can be quite exciting to a lot of people who are waiting for their raffle ticket number to be called out as the winner. And obviously, while they are waiting, you may also set up a few silent auction bids on other mouth-watering baked goods, gift cards, and other loaded things. You could also invite local chefs there to prepare goodies for clients to taste. They can garnish the goodies with the school's color.

Besides employing a silent auction, you can find lots of approaches to boost your profits. You may also sell raffle tickets to all the event's attendees you can turn these tickets as part of the admission for the bake sale. Even a dollar per attendee, can in truth, add up. Raffle prizes may be goods or services donated by local businesses, premium baked goods, or even different cool gadgets.

Any event that attracts a large crowd bought to consistently incorporated many techniques to raise funds and your cheerleading fundraising is no exception. Take into account other related items which you can auction off or can offer at a very good mark-up. You bought not to purchase these items or services; you'll be able to have them donated.

Exposure will greatly enhance the attendance at your cheerleading fundraiser, so make sure to endorse it with posters, flyers, roadside signs and of course word of mouth. If you've got a school newsletter be sure to utilize it.

Source by Juan Franco