Childhood Asthma Natural Treatment


The answer to treating your child asthma does not necessarily have to be found in doctor's office. Some studies show that things your child may be exposed to by his or her doctor – like vaccines or antibiotics – may even be some of the causes of childhood asthma. In fact, both the Department of Social Security in the UK and the Health Department in Australia acknowledges an association between asthma and antibiotics.

The Institute of Medicine's Immunization Safety Review Committee reported to have found a possible connection between immune systems affected by the administration of vaccines and the development of allergies leading to childhood asthma. For these reasons among many others, it is important for parents to consider natural treatment for childhood asthma.

One of the natural treatments available for childhood asthma is marine phytoplankton. Marine phytoplankton has supports ocean life with a unique combination of life sustaining nutrients including omega 3 essential fatty acids, protein and vitamins. The overdependence of Americans on land-based food sources as lead to a population lacking in many nutrients. Marine phytoplankton replenishes these nutrients and promotes and maintains optimum health.

Researchers looking for natural treatments for childhood asthma have found that controlled exposure to sunlight or other sources of ultraviolet light that could reduce asthma. Studies conducted by the research team at Perth's Telethon Institute for Child Health Research and funded by the Asthma Foundation of WA illustrated the effects of ultraviolet light exposure on mice with asthmatic symptoms. Mice exposed to ultraviolet light for about 20 minutes experienced significantly less asthma-like symptoms after being introduced to an allergen. Researchers are excited to try to apply these findings to as a natural treatment for children suffering from asthma.

Homeopaths are tried and proven natural treatments for children suffering from asthma caused by allergies. Research conducted at the University of Glasgow indicates that those patients who receive very small homeopathic doses of whatever substance to which they are most allergic experience less just one week of treatment. In fact, over 80% patients given a homeopathic remedy improved. Some general of homeopathic treatment include better respiratory function, more open airways, easy breathing, strengthened immune system functioning and relaxed bronchioles.

Speleotherapy is one of the oldest known natural treatments for asthma. The unique microclimate of the salt mines has been reported to improve patients with various forms of bronchial asthma and other types of respiratory diseases. Every year more than 1000 children attend the Ukrainian Allergological Hospital speleotherapy clinic. The treatment is quickly becoming well known worldwide as one of the most effective natural treatments for people with asthma. The alternative to traveling to the salt mines of Eastern Europe is to inhale a salt air steam by heating salt solution in a ceramic salt inhaler.

Source by Katie Appleby