Chill Out in Cancun's All-Inclusive Resorts


We in the United States work too hard. And when we finally do get away for that annual vacation, where should we go? Well, we could jump in the car and head up north to visit relatives. But wait! It's the middle of winter, and I do not want to spend my days and nights shivering in the icy clines. That's why I moved to Florida in the first place … to get away from that bone-chilling weather.

No, I think it's better to think about heading even further south. After all, it's getting a bit chilly even here in Florida. Why, we had a cold snap this week and the temperature is going to barely reach the high 60s.

After some Internet research, we find an all-inclusive resort named the Palace Resorts. In fact, there are several Palace resorts scattered around various Mexican Caribbean and Pacific coastlines. The one we finally settled on is about one hour's drive south of Cancun in a region called the Rivera Maya, named after the Mayan civilization that for thousands of years, inhabited the Yucatan Peninsula and built sophisticated architecture to express their astronomical knowledge and understanding of the universe.

Our destination: The Aventura Spa Palace Resort. This resort is one of the largest Palace resorts and is set aside for couples only. The internet pictures and information furnished a hotel set up for healing the body, mind and soul. Soft meditation musical plays in the pool and spa areas, as well as many of the on-site restaurants while you dine on international cuisine. Yes, that is the place to go to regenerate, recoup one's energy and otherwise prepare to go back to the fast-paced life of the entrepreneur.

The spa had just about everything to satisfy everyone. There was a rock-climbing wall, a labyrinth walk, pools all over the expansive stretch of the resort, international restaurants at every corner, nightly entertainment, a complete spa and fitness center and even a convention center. In addition, you had a plethora of excursions to nearby beaches, historic sites and the quaint tourist town of Playa de Carmen.

Since everything is included with the resort, this is not the place to come if you happen to be on that juice diet. With the three meals a day and snacks and smoothies in between, you better plan on upping your caloric intake during your stay. Good thing I need to gain a few pounds anyway. I ate more dessert during this week than I normally eat in six months. Fast metabolisms are a wonderful thing at all-inclusive resorts. For those of you with slow metabolism, well … you're just going to have to be sure and hit the gym extra hard.

All and all, I would highly recommend the Aventura Spa Palace resort if you want to pamper yourself and be pampered by the excellently-trained and hospitable staff. You are treated like royalty in the restaurants, at the concierge desk and on the grounds as you stroll about. This place is so big it almost looks like a little village itself. And for a brief passage of time, you are treated like a king or queen in this kingdom.

Source by Joe Jacobson