Clone Wars Tank Vehicle – Shopping Guide For Christmas 2009


One of the best selling and hottest toys for both boys and girls this holiday season is the Start Wars Turbo Tank. Let me attempt to describe what this tank looks like when it appeared in that Star Wars movie, The Revenge of the Sith.

This Clone Wars Tank vehicle has 10 massive wheels with a vast array of weapons and covered in very thick armor. It has lasers and missiles that can fire in any direction. And the important thing of course, this armored tank can just about run over anything and everything. Just crushing the opposition. According to the Wookiepedida, this heavy assault vehicle is also known as the A6 Juggernaut.

And this toy delivers the goods. It is not one of those useless vanilla toys. It has electronic lights and Clone Wars sounds too. There is a rotating crow's nest and gunner's station on top too. And you also get a failure accessory firing cannon pods. There is a rack to store the extra weapons.

Here's another thing, you can remove the back section of this Clone Wars tank toy and it turns into a bunker. Now this Turbo tank can hold up to 20 Clone Troopers but they are not included with the toy. They have to be purchased separately. So I would suggest that you get the Turbo Tank Support Squad Figures as well to combine with the heavy tank for a super duper hard-to-believe Christmas present under the tree deal!

Then you can watch your child squeal with excitement and joy when he sees this Turbo tank on Christmas morning. Do not forget to have a camera nearby so you can capture this precious moment. And take a few pictures of him pushing this ten wheeled, tank toy that is locked and loaded for anything. Plus with some heavy armor and bristling with weapons.

Your child is going to want to run his tank over everything. So watch for it.

And I will not blame him for trying because this Star Wars Turbo Tank is a true mobile fortress that can transport a company of Clone troopers with a full recon speeder team. And do not forget, this tank can also become an armored command bunker too.

In conclusion: – your child is going to love this intimidating and difficult Turbo tank that can actually run roughshod over anything in it's path. He will be so pleased and fascinated with the array of weapons and the possibilities of reenacting scenes in the Star Wars or Clone Wars movies.

Source by Matt Taylor