Cool Gadgets – Great Gifts for Friends and Family


Buying a present for a friend or loved one can be an exceptionally difficult task, and there is so much riding on such a gamble, if the gift is thought to be too extravagant then it may cause embarrassment at such outlandish generosity. Equally, if the gift is thought to be cheap, or frugal, then offense maybe taken at such a manness on the behalf of the gift giver, or may make the recipient feel unappreciated. What of chocolate to a person on a diet, or to a diabetic?

Sometimes the recipient comes from a culture where gift sharing is reserved between close friends only, the bottom line is, and buying a gift can be an exceptionally difficult task. Somewhat regretably, good intentions can be quickly overridden by a thoughtless, insensitive or generally redundant gift. To avoid awkwardness, why not buy a practical gift?

Do you know a chocolate fan? Are they a worshiper of the sensual form of chocolate, enchanted by its ripe smell, and luxurious texture? What better way to both tease and delight them than with a chocolate fondue fountain, warm, dripping chocolate just waiting to be dipped into and tasted. Whether it is for the chocolate addict (but then who is not?) Or to act as an eye-catching centerpiece for dinner parties, a chocolate fondue fountain is defiantly worth a try. The remarkable thing about these fountains is that they do not need to be restricted to chocolate, but can be used for savory sauces as well.

Whilst digital camera are all the rage now, meaning that precious memories and special moments are kept for far longer than with ordinary cameras, people have become very lazy with their digital photos, meaning that digital camera are typically bound to the grisly fate of languishing in a PC, never to be seen. Shoved into a random folder on the PC desktop, their shining glory remains hidden …. but there is hope!

Take advantage of the remarkable digital photo frames, these frames will allow you to show your digital photos off in their shining glory. The digital photo frames are remarkably easy to use; all you need to do is remove the memory card which contains the digital photos and insert it directly into the slot on the photo frame. No need for special software to edit the photos simply put the memory card in the photo frame. Simple as that!

Are you active? Perhaps you enjoy jogging, running, or other sports and listen to your ipod as well. One of the most frustrating things to happen is that the power to the ipod dies, leaving you with a heavy workout and no music to set a good beat. Not good. Scientists in the US have developed a power generator that generates power from physical activity around the knees! The design of such models is such that the kinetic energy produced by the motion of the legs and knees moving is converted into electrical energy which is substantially used to power up the relevant electrical item.

Such devices are still currently under development, but working models should hit the markets very soon. So say bye bye to no power, and batteries forever!

Source by John Hinkley