Coolest Places to Go in Tokyo

  1. Japanese Cosplay Gothic fashion on a Sunday, at Harajuku and Yoyogi Park. Japanese Youth culture at it's best. You'll be surprised to meet a different side of the usually reserved Japanese character.
  2. Meiji Jingu shrine and the Green forest surrounding it. Meiji Shrine is a Japanese Shinto temple.If you're lucky you'll see a Japanese Traditional wedding in the shrine.
  3. Omotesando Avenue Tokyo's 'fifth avenue'. Phenomenal contemporary architecture of the designer buildings. At sunset, all Fashion stores light up and create an exceptional illumination.
  4. Sony building – Four floors of the hottest gadgets, not just for Gadget freaks … High definition televisions, cutting-edge cameras, Audio Systems, mobile phones and Play Station are all displayed in the showrooms for everyone to try.
  5. Shibuya, home of the famous iconic intersection, featured endlessly in media as a symbol of Tokyo. It's main intersection is called the city's 'Times Square'. Huge neon screens and huge mass of people.
  6. Karaoke – to sing along with the Japanese crowd.
  7. The Japanese Gardens – a wonderful place to relax from the Tokyo city buzz. Ancient Japanese culture comes to life in front of your eyes.
  8. Kabuki Theater in Ginza. Kabuki is a traditional theater that includes music, Kabuki Makeup, dance and Kabuki Masks.
  9. The Imperial Palace Tokyo. The Palace gardens are public parks and you can visit them and enjoy the sight of some of the Japanese palace, Nijumbashi Bridge and the Japanese style garden.
  10. Roppongi Hills and Mori tower for the best Tokyo skyline observatory, and the contemporary art gallery.

Source by Alma J.