Date Father's Day – Tracfone For Dad


The date Father's day this year is on June 15th. There are many unique gift ideas for dad, but it all depends on what dad likes. Most dads love gitmos and gadgets, so you can look at different things that are now out that will satisfy the boy in your Father. Dads usually love jewelry like watches, bracelets and rings. However, this can be quite cost if not in your budget. You could also think of giving dad a "day at the spa," but men usually think that this kind of thing is for women.

What about giving dad a gift certificate or tickets to a sports game? Those are good options too. I know that men love cell phones too, so you might want to think of getting him a new cell phone. The downside to that, though, is that the normal cell phones are costly and come with a two year contract, which dad may not want to get in right now. The Tracfone, however, may be your answer because it comes with no contracts, credit checks, or activation fees. It is a prepaid cell phone that carries no monthly payments unless you want to add airtime when needed.

The Tracfone units are available and cost between ten to twenty cents per minute. The more minutes you buy, the cheaper the minutes become. A double minute card helps you to save because it doubles the minute when you purchase the Tracfone. So you can give dad a Tracfone cell phone along with 240 minutes (doubled from 120 minutes when you buy the phone). You can have your father use the double minute card to add minutes at half the price each time. It can be the answer that dad has been waiting for and may solve some of his monthly expense concerns. Dad would really appreciate anything that saved him money.

Your Father's day gift does not have to be a surprise. You can get your father's input on what he would like as a gift. Another gift idea for fathers day is taking him to lunch or dinner, buying him fishing equipment or some tools to add to his tool shed. The father's day gift ideas mentioned above are good suggestions and I am sure that it will be appreciated, but buying something that dad will use on a daily basis, would be more effective for him to remember you by.

The Tracfone prepaid cell phone will be a convenient addition to your dad's resources. It is offered in every US zip codes, so the Tracfone units and Tracfone bonus minutes would easily be replaceable each time airtime is needed on the phone. How this Tracfone operates is that they have a partnership with all major cell companies including Verizon, AT & T and T-Mobile. Both the Tracfone and NET10 prepaid phones are unique because they are the only ones that can roam to any cellular network. With this ideal feature, dad really does not have to worry about high roaming cost.

Dad can take pictures with his Tracfone because it has a camera that will take quality pictures. Dad can send pictures to your phone and receive pictures from you.

Source by Cheryline Lawson