Do not Use Windows Vista


There is a lot of advertisement about Wow the new Windows Vista. Every website going crazy by posting reviews, usability, features and the Aero available in vista; I am telling you do not go for windows vista.

Why I am saying you not to work with vista? Am I mad to do that? You might think so. But what I am going to say will make you to rethink about your upgrade of this new operating system from Microsoft. Microsoft has a mammoth amount of money which it is using to push its products to people who has minimum knowledge about operating systems like us. Vista was under development for past 4 years and went to a lot of delay in releasing. It is during 2005 when it was scheduled to release, there was a last minute quality issue in Windows vista which made the coders to re code the operating system.

Then the bug reports which are released was also not promising about the number of bugs detected but it was found that there are lots of bugs in the system. As all we know Microsoft products are bugged a lot, which are rectified by releasing weekly (sometimes daily) patches. Now let us see why we must not use windows vista now.

Hardware upgrades

Windows Vista never works on those old computers which we have for our daily use. It needs high end machines which has high end graphics accelerator card, lot of memory, high end speakers, gigabit LAN and high end processor.

Why do Vista needs these high end processors when most of us have only 2Ghz processors? To experience the full blow of windows vista we need to have high processing power and high graphical rendering power. For this, Microsoft is now certifying all the computer vendors with vista certified computers. Windows Vista certified computers cost more because it has most of the high end requirements. It is not useful for the common man who does their day to day activities in computer.

Software upgrades

We all know the license for original software products are higher than the computer itself. If we use windows vista most of the software products need upgrade or a clean installation. We need to buy a new copy of most of our software products which we are using daily. Take Symantec, they have Norton antivirus which has vista certified and windows XP certified. These cost more while upgrading them.

Like this we need to buy each and every software products again. Buying a product means we need to shell out our money from our pocket. The cost of each products ranges from 20 USD to 1000 USD which means lots of money for a layman.

Unwanted verification

Microsoft claims it has now a much secured channel for verifying your product's genuine status. It is implementing it by sending our computer information to Microsoft servers without any notification. It certifies our software as genuine then it provides necessary functionality to operate. None of us knows what are all sent to Microsoft. There were some cases pending in courts regarding this verification process. Moreover the verification can happen anytime you connect to internet.
Internet connectivity

Only 65% ​​of American population uses Internet and only 10% of Indian population is actually having Internet connectivity. When we try to install Windows vista we need fast internet connection which will help us with the verification and other registrations. We need High speed internet connectivity which is not available in all nations in the world.


From windows XP we are slapped with a feature that we can not install our genuine windows operating system more than 3 times in the same computer or in a different computers. If we need to do that we need to again buy the license for 3 more installations in the same machine. If our hard disk crashes, during reinstallation of our operating system, we need new licenses; which means more and more money for Microsoft. Hard disk crash can happen anytime.

Numerous versions of software

During 1995 and 1998 we had a single version of windows operating system. But now we are getting numerous versions of windows operating system with a sweet word named use whatever you are in need nothing more. Actually there is a cost involved in every flavor of the operating system. This means Microsoft found a new way to earn more money using its operating system. Windows vista has more flavors than any other operating system in the world. Each flavor needs more money

Windows vista has improved security, kernel locking and new translucent screens and lots of gadgets. We can achieve security and translucent screens by using some third party components also. Why to shell out more money and time in a product which is having so many bugs. Think about it.

Source by Albert Arul Prakash Rajendran