Do You Need a 3D DVD Player to Enjoy the Full Cinematic Effects of a 3D Movie?


If you are into cinematic-enhanced movies, you might be wondering if you will need a 3D DVD player to enjoy a 3D movie. Since most of the movies are now turning 3D, movie-goers are encouraged to watch them in the theaters! But, you might not need a DVD player just to watch 3D movies. How is this possible? You just needed the right gadgets to help you enjoy the movie at home.

How does 3D work?

Traditionally it works by emitting light from the screen. This is best appreciated using red and blue glasses to maximize the effects. Conventional 3D movies work by using SD or Standard Definition methods.

Fast forward to the present, 3D movies now uses stereoscopic filming. Movies like Avatar and My Bloody Valentine use Digital 3D that is more detailed than conventional three dimensional movies.

You will appreciate a Digital 3D movie through High Definition TV due to its clarity.

Is it required to watch 3D movies using a 3D DVD player?

The answer is no. You can still watch 3D movies using your standard TV at home. Just get a pair of red and blue glasses and you are all set!

If you own a HDTV or a 3D DVD player, you get to enjoy a movie in 3D better. Instead of wearing colored glasses, 3D movies in HDTV is best viewed using clear glasses to make the scenes 'pop-out'. It gives better results and the satisfaction might be closer to that in a cinema!

Here are some tricks to maximize your viewing pleasure:

* Heighten the brightness in your TV. If you are using standard television to watch a 3D animation, wearing those colored glasses may make the images dim. To avoid this, increase the brightness to compensate the dark shades from your glasses. This might improve the quality a bit.

* Switch off the lights: You get to experience the full cinematic effects by dimming the room. This enhancements the images and projects other bright-colored scenery from the screen. It also lessens the double-vision, halo effects and improvements the brightness of the effects.

* Sit closer to the television: You will get a better view and focus if you sit in front – not on the sides. If you must, you can sit a little closer to appreciate the visuals.

So grab a good pair of red and blue glasses, pop-corn, some soda and company and enjoy a three dimensional movie today!

Source by Rick E. Thompson