Dual Layer Blu-Ray Disc Writers – More Storage Although Incompatible With DVDs


The advent of Blu-Ray has seen the introduction of new and cutting edge technology products in the market that now means buying high-definition optical discs that have much more storage space than any DVD and because of the massive fifty GB of storage which is many times more than what standard DVDs can store people are seriously being convinced of buying into the new means of storing information. The only downside to this new technology is that such writers are a bit more expensive to own as compared to standard DVD players.

A War That Is Getting More Heated Everyday

Now that the disc writers have hit the market, it has certainly heated up the war between Blu ray and DVD writers, and every time you go shopping for electronic gadgets you will no doubt be advised to buy one of these two types of products. In fact, to most people, owning dual layer Blu-Ray disc writers would represent a major shift up in technology and with Blu-Ray discs offering a lot more storage space, there is every reason why people would buy them and then the need will also arise for them to own dual layer disc writers.

Also, when you consider the fact that many of the dual layer Blu-Ray disc writers available today are extremely fast such as the LG GBW H10N that is the fastest Blu-ray writer available on the market today, you will definitely want to own one of these and then would welcome learning more about what makes this and other dual layer disc writers so interesting.

Obviously, the first thing that comes to mind when considering disc writers is that they allow for storage of massive amounts of data and the fifty GB storage will be more than sufficient for most user's needs. Given the fact that Blu-Ray discs and indeed products such as dual layer disc writers are emerging as hot contenders to take over the market from the HD DVDs, it is only a matter of time when people will shift over to using Blu-Ray discs .

However, before jumping in and buying these disc writers, you should realize that such a step would mean that you would not be able to play your old HD DVDs with your newly acquired dual layer Blu-ray disc writers since they are totally incompatible with one another. It would also mean shifting from the camp of Toshiba, Microsoft and Intel to that of the camp of Sony, Panasonic as well as Samsung.

Source by Thomas Martinez