Electronics Gadgets Powerseller: Battery Chargers and Battery Packs To Be Large Market


2010 To 2020 may well go down in chronicles as the arrival of the age of the smartphone.

Already in the US smartphones make up a quarter of all mobile phone sales and some are even expecting the sales of the smartphone to take over that of the personal computer by 2012.

This popularity of smartphones stems from the fact that they are more than merely plain cell phones and are practically the do-it-all devices in the electronics gadgets world. They can make calls and send SMS just like mobile phones, but they can also be a mini-computer, music and video player, web browser, personal organizer, and digital camera all rolled into one. And all this is done through a state-of-the-art multi-touch screen.

The Problems With Smartphones: Battery Life

In spite of this, this multiplicity of features and functions will take its toll on the Smartphone's battery life. The quality and working life of a Smartphone's battery is one of the leading considerations when choosing a particular brand or product. It would really be a great disadvantage for you to run out of battery juice at the exact moment that you want to use your smartphone the greatest.

Standard mobile phones can give you up to 400 hours of standby time and over ten hours of talk time for a fully charged battery. Smartphones on the other hand, require more juice for all its functions and can only typically give you five hours of talk time and just 150 hours of standby time on the average. Later models can reach 300 hours standby time and up to 10 hours chat time but these figures would decline significantly when you play multimedia files, surf the web, or play games.

This scenario can be true for most electronics gadgets counting netbooks, tablet PCs, mobile phones, multimedia players and a host of other electronics gadgets. Luckily for users of these electronics gadgets, battery chargers and battery packs are now to be had that can give you a back-up power source – which you can rely on at very critical moments.

Extended Smartphone Battery Life

Smartphones and other mobile devices are truly amazing with regards to the variety of functions and features they provide. However, the same could not be said as true toward the battery life of these devices. Until the time new battery technologies are developed that could give longer standby and chat times despite heavy use, smartphone users would gain a lot of benefits with the use of devices that can provide backup power or quickly recharge the batteries.

Portable solar battery chargers and battery packs are good tools to have for use as backup power especially for smartphone users that use applications and features heavily and frequently. Battery packs use rechargeable batteries that you can charge up at an earlier time and hook up to your electronics gadgets when you're running down on power – until you can get to a power source to recharge your gadget.

There may be instances where you will not have access to an electrical outlet or a comparable power source for a long time and have no way of charging the batteries of your smartphone or electronics gadgets. A portable solar charger can be used to speedily charge your device using the power of the sun without hooking up to an electrical outlet – and charge a backup battery pack at the same time.

Selling Battery Chargers and Packs

Battery packs and portable battery chargers are fast becoming hot ticket items that would give you a powerful potential for sales on your online store. There are a wide variety of products and types which you can choose from: From the low-cost solar battery charger for little electronics gadgets such as iPods, to the very innovative solar vest that is a battery charger, solar battery and clothing rolled into one .

You can find solar chargers for small electronics gadgets for as low as 7 US dollars at wholesale prices and retail them for 9 US dollars or even higher. Portable battery chargers for typical electronics gadgets such as mobile phones and Mp3 players can be ordered at wholesale prices of 14 US dollars or lower and sold at retail for 17 US dollars or more. Higher end chargers and battery packs with superior ampere ratings will cost as much as 130 US dollars wholesale and sold as much as 150 US dollars on your online stores.

When sourcing for solar chargers and battery packs make sure that they come with connectors that are compatible with USB formats or the appropriate input adapters of the electronics gadgets your customers will be using these chargers for.

You should also know the ampere and voltage ratings that these gadgets operate on and ensure that your customers order products that will be compatible in their own countries or areas of use. All these information should be intelligibly indicated in the item's product description and should be clearly stated in your disclaimers.

Smartphones, multimedia players, and other similar electronics gadgets are absolutely hot items in the market today and people are literally selling and buying them like pancakes. However, heavy users of these gadgets will definitely be in need of backup power supplies and providing them with an inventory of battery chargers and battery packs will be a fruitful operation in reality.

Source by Rose Li