Extenze – Does it Really Work?


A man’s manhood is often measured by how big his member is. This is perhaps a societal convention that being big is better. A number of products have been discovered over the recent years that target a man’s need to increase his penis size really quick. Extenze is one product that promotes itself as a revolutionary herbal pill that can result in a larger penis just by popping a pill. There are neither gadgets nor exercises to be done. Just pop a pill and then wait for its active ingredients to work in a larger, harder penis that can give you a more fulfilling and more pleasurable sexual life.

While Extenze is marketed as an effective penile enhancer, there are a number of negative side-effects that men who took this male enhancement product have experienced. The manufacturers of Extenze, in fact, have had to make a $300,000 payment for civil penalties in an Orange County, California court due to unfair business practices and false advertising. The district attorney’s office slapped the manufacturers of Extenze with the penalties upon ruling that the manufacturers cannot substantiate its advertised claim that this male enhancement can cause a penile growth rate of about 27%. This was spurred by some complaints from users in the Laguna Beach area of the same state. According to the complaints lodged with the Better Business Bureau, taking these male enhancement pills made them sick. It was actually found that Extenze has lead content that is way beyond the legally approved limits.

Extenze also contains considerable amounts of Yohimbe, herbs that is found to be popular in male enhancement products but are also known to cause not a few serious side effects. This stimulant, in combination with caffeine and other stimulants, can actually work towards the opposite by impairing sexual performance instead of enhancing it. This herb comes from the bark of the Yohimbe tree and owes its popularity to its known potency in enhancing sexual function. This ingredient in male enhancement products and its other derivatives have been labelled as one of the components that are “the ideal anxiety-producing substances.”

Another down side to the use of Yohimbe-containing male enhancement products is the risk of liver damage. Not a few people who have used products containing Yohimbe extracts have been found to have serious damage in their livers. Those who are already having liver problems should not take Extenze or any other pills containing Yohimbe. This ingredient, in fact, has been banned in various other countries all over the world.

The industry of male enhancement products is a fast growing industry because of the growing male vanity and simply because many people just want to have a better sexual experience – one of man’s primal instincts. Before you use any of these products, you have to do a thorough research not only on what their benefits are but also on what their negative effects are. One of the best things you can do is to consult your doctor before taking any of these products no matter how safe and side-effects free their manufacturers advertise them to be.

Source by Kelly Purden