Factors Cause Allergy and Asthma in Children


Symptoms of allergies rarely cause death. However, still need to be wary of. You see, for example, severe asthma attacks plus the reaction to the drugs taken the children will lead to shock (failing). If not saved soon, this attack will cause death. Here are some factors that cause allergies to watch.

a. Descendants of factors (genetic)
Although allergies can occur in all people and all age groups, from infants to older, there is the greatest risk to children who are allergic to bringing talent handed down by parents. In this child, allergy symptoms (such as asthma, food allergies, and allergy medications) to frequently appear.

So, allergies usually only occurs in certain people, who have a determining factor inborn (descent). For example, a child with asthma turned out to have a parent (father or mother) or relative (brother, sister, uncle, or aunt) who suffers from asthma or allergies to other types. Can be also, allergies are not revealed to the first generation, but to the next generation, like grandson.

Many people who had not had an allergy in a long time, but after 5-10 years experience it turned out, with the same susceptibility to allergens suffered by his parents. Remember, too, although his parents do not suffer from allergies, can have a child is allergic. Children like these have the possibility of allergy was 12.5%. However, one of the parents of children who suffer from allergies, chances to 19.8%. If both parents suffer from allergies, chances are the child sufferers from allergies increased again to 42.9%.

b. Psychological Factors
Other factors are also often trigger allergies are psychiatric disorders, such as anxiety, anger, and fear. Symptoms that most often arises is eczema on the skin. In people who have "talent" allergy, irritable nature, suspicious, and emotional will cause the onset of symptoms of acute allergic disorders of the skin. In children it is rare allergy due to psychological factors. Allergies are more common in children due to dietary factors and house dust. Some children are allergic to eggs and lactose in milk, house dust, mites on carpet or couch, and pollen.

Source by Andrew Cipit