Family Food Security


In ancient times people were not sure how long a winter would last or whether in other seasons there would be tried or famine. Chances were they would have to make most of their food supply and stretch it out for about 9 months. Life and death depended on proper planning for the people and for their livestock. Up until 100 years or so ago in the United States most people who lived outside of the cities had to plan ahead in order to keep the pantry stocked year round. Today in most developed nations the modern supermarket, corner market, or bazaar have replaced the practice of storing food for a long winter. But has it really?

How strong is the food supply in The United States? It is better than in the past but is it unbreakable? The thread of a modern food supply system is fragile as floods will still come, hurricanes will blow, earthquakes will shake, and there will be unrest. High inflation causes the price of food to rise dramatically year after year and the governmental money printing presses does not appear to be stopping the presses any time soon. As long as the government continues their current monetary policy food prices will steadily rise.

The picture of "food security" is not as bright in light of the direction things are headed. Unknown to most people, modern supermarkets generally keep only about 72 hours worth of food on hand. Not very reassuring when one considers the ways that those semi-trucks can be stopped from making it to market … .

Source by Dan Courtois