Gadgets and Traveling: How Not to Spend a Fortune Using Your Travel Gadgets Abroad


After having extensive travel experiences, you will probably become aware of all the different gadgets that you can take with you to make your life easier. You will probably take most things for entertainment. You might have an MP3 player, tablet, or even a laptop so that you can listen to music, watch movies, or do some work when you are in transit.

You will definitely have a phone of some sort because not many people go anywhere without them. You will be using this to phone home, or when you have a wifi connection, you might be searching the places you are going, or catching up on your social networks.

Not many people tend to take GPS trackers on their travels with them. If you are going with a tour company or are staying in one place when you get there, then you simply do not need one. However, if you are going to be driving a lot, in a foreign country, and you do not know the roads or where all the attractions are, then a GPS is a must. There is no getting around it.

Some of you who are reading this will probably be thinking that you do not need a GPS because you have a GPS on your phone and you do not want to be carrying another gadget around with you.

This is all well and good because travelers have an insane amount of gadgets in their hand luggage, but do you really know the connotations of using your phone for something like this when you are on foreign soil?

If you are from America and you are going to see the best attractions in Tuscany, you put the coordinates of the destination into your phone, and then start the long drive. You are happy because everything is working perfect and you are thinking that you did not need to waste time reading this article, when it popped up on Google.

However, the joke will be on you because you did not read ahead to this important part of the article. The part which tells you that while you were driving around Tuscany, your phone was sending data data backwards and forwards to the US and building up a massive bill. Your roaming process on your phone is your downfall and you are going to return home to a cell phone bill that is more than double your monthly rent.

If you absolutely have to use your phone as your GPS, then buy a sim card in that country and just pop it in your phone. Phones like the iPhone have dual band now so you do not have to buy a completely new phone in that country, just the sim card. This way you can preload the sim with some money and the phone will not go over that amount until you top it up with more money. It still might cost a lot of money but it will be a lot less than using the American sim card.

The only other way to save money is to buy a GPS or make sure the rental car company provides it for you. If you add a good guidebook to the equation, then you will have a stress free drive around all the best attractions in Tuscany and you probably will not get lost.

A good rental company will have no problem providing a GPS and some of their cars might even have them built in. Just ask when you are hiring the car, or even plan ahead and email them a few weeks before you are set to depart.

Source by Robert E Woods