Gadgets For Cold Weather


One of the newest cold weather gadgets is the Yaktrax Traction Device. Walking on ice will feel just like walking on solid dry pavement with the innovative design of Yaktrax.

Yaktrax use a unique design called the Skidlock coil system. The bottom of each Yaktrax is furnished with tiny coils that provide 450 sharp edges that become embedded in the ice when you take a step. The coils stretch into the ice giving you non-slip support in all directions so you do not slide forward, back or to one side. And as you continue walking the Skidlock coils snap back into place so they're ready to do their job on the next step you take.

Yaktrax are easy to use and are not bulky like other shoes or boots designed for traction. They fit easily over the sole of your shoes or boots and will not slip off when you need them most. Yaktrax Traction devices also do not have spikes or sharp edges that can damage floors, so you can wear them inside without any worries.

The Himalayan Expedition Mitts are another simple yet effective gadget for keeping your hands toasty warm, no matter how low the thermometer drops. Manufactured by Grandoe, a 100 year old, well-known provider of high-performance handware, this pair of mitts has been created to withstand the coldest, most extreme conditions that can be found on the planet.

The Himalayan Expedition Mitts were created with a 100% polyester MicroVortex and Gore-Tex outer shell, complete with an acrylic coating, which helps the mitts resist the tears and abrasions that can come with regular use. This coating is great for repelling water and melting snow, so that your hands inside can stay dry and warm. The Himalayan Mitts are insulated with microfiber ThermaDry that will maintain its warm properties even when it gets wet.

Another gadget for cold weather will help keep you warm while being functional too.

The Headphone Beanie is for those people who constantly listen to music or are wearing headphones for some reason, and still want to listen while keeping their head warm. The Headphone Beanie has speakers built right into the hat so you can listen to music no matter what the temperature without getting frostbite on your ears.

Simply plug in your iPod, MP3 player, or other small electronic device into the headphone jack on the back of this comfortable hat. Then adjust the speakers to fit your ears and you're ready to go. Whether you're walking, running, or outside listening to a ball game, you can keep warm while you listen with the Headphone Beanie Hat.

Source by Jeremy Thompson