Gift Ideas for Gadget Loving Teens This Christmas


There really is no question about it – teens love gadgets! And this Christmas season, gadgets are exactly what they'll be asking for, and what parents and relatives will be scouring stores and websites for. So, to make the search a little bit easier, here are a few of the top selling electronic gadgets for teens.

High on every teenager's wish list is the Apple iPad Tablet. Yes it is a little pricey but that does not stop teenagers from asking for it! Although the new Apple iPad is definitely not a 'toy for youngger teens, older teenagers would appreciate such a gift. Alternately, why not treat yourself to one? I know it's definitely on my wish list for this year! Other Apple products high on the teen Christmas wish lists are the iPod Touch and the new iPhone 4.

The Magic Wand Remote Control is one of the great electronic gadgets for teens who have tons of electronics. The "magic" remote looks just like a wand, and can universally adjust volume, change channel or switch off or on up to thirteen different electronics just by waving the wand! The Magic Wand uses an infrared remote control system so should be compatible with most home electronics. The controller has a practice mode, which allows the user to verify that the specific move that they used has been recognized correctly, has a sleep function which will save on battery life, and a learning mode, which lets the owner "teach" the wand one or more new codes for any of the gesture options. This unique gift, which runs on 4 AA batteries, has an RRP of £ 49.95 but can be found at a slightly lower price from online retailers. The Magic Wand Remote Control is a very cool gift indeed and comes in a wonderful themed package, complete with a wand storage box.

Electronic gadgets for teens will always make great gifts. The new Xbox Kinect totally transforms the Xbox experience and allows users to fully interact with the game they're playing without a control pad. It allows all the family to join in and it's not just restricted to games either! If your teen uses the Xbox 360 to watch HD movies, they can now control the movie with just the wave of a hand.

And of course there are the old favorite gaming systems that every teen would appreciate if they do not have one already. The Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS are firm favorite electronic gadgets for teens!

Source by Chris M. Holland