Homemade Self-Defense Gadgets


It's always a good idea to secure your home with self-defense gadgets. However, you're probably worried that you'll break state laws if you do that. Let's take pepper sprays for example. It's one of the best self-defense gadgets out there. It's true that it's legal in all states, but there are restrictions that a lot of people do not want to mess around with. In addition, some homes have 'no-weapons law' implemented by the homeowners themselves. These are the reasons why they just choose to live life wherein they are not even safe at home.

If you're one of these people, your best option remains to at least explore the possibilities of having a few self-defense gadgets at home. Discuss the pros and cons with your spouse and you'll soon find out that the pros very outweigh the cons. But just in case you're really not convinced, here are some homemade self-defense gadgets that you can use:

· Homemade pepper spray

The main ingredient that makes pepper sprays effective is capsaicin. This is found on chili peppers so it goes without saying that making homemade pepper sprays would require chili peppers. Boil them in water for as long as you can and pour the resulting water into a spray bottle.

· Baseball bat

You should know where your son keeps his baseball bat. The best thing about it is you do not need to do any configurations. If you do not want to buy a bat for self-defense, you can just buy the biggest flashlight that you can find. Just swing at your attacker like a club if you feel that you're in real danger.

· Sock N Lock

This is one of the easiest homemade self-defense gadgets that you can do. Simply put, you just need to put a heavy lock inside a fallen up sock. Afterwards, you need to put the balled up sock with the lock in it inside the other sock. Now, you have a weapon similar to the Morning Star weapon that they used in the medieval times. Instead of a lock, you can also use a baseball, golf ball or billiard ball.

· Self-defense stick

You can make a few self-defense gadgets from sticks. You can turn a short piece of stick into a Kubotan key chain and you have a self-defense weapon that you can use in several ways. You can use a long piece of stick as is. Better yet, just use a walking cane.

Again, investing in real self-defense gadgets is better but using homemade ones is also good especially if you know how to use it. The important thing is you have gadgets that can help you defend yourself.

Source by Rocco W Sarracino