How Big Should My Penis Be?


How many of us have amazed that at one time or another? Except for those men who are well above average, there are not many of us who have questioned at some point wherever we have enough to satisfy down south.

So what is average anyway? It is difficult to pinpoint an exact number, because different studies have produced different results, most of them ranging from just above five inches to just under six-and-a-half inches.

The Kinsey study used to be considered the gold standard on penis size. According to this study, the average penis size in an adult male is 6.21 inches with a girth of 4.8 inches. However, many feel these results are inaccurate because the data came from self-measurement, thereby encouraging men to "inflate" their results in the name of ego.

Another well-publicized study conducted several decades ago produced a mean penis length of just over 5.1 inches, and this was measured by a professional, which took lying and exaggerating out of the equation. However, the results of this study are tenuous at best because the participants were all men being treated for erectile dysfunction. Many feel that men with this condition tend to be below average in size, and their anxiety over whatever they can satisfy their partner helps contribute to their condition.

Lifestyles Condoms also did a survey a few years back using spring breakers in Cancun as their subjects. Penises were measurable by a professional, and the average obtained from this study was 5.877 in length and 4.972 in girth. This is probably the most accurate study to date, considering the participants were mostly young, healthy males who were randomly selected.

If you fall on the left side of the bell curve, do not despair. There are ways to greatly increase the size of your penis, and the ones that work do not involve expensive pills or potions, dangerous gadgets, or risky surgery. Start doing your homework on natural penis enlargement techniques that require nothing more than committing your time a few days per week to improving your size, and you'll see results within weeks, I promise.

Source by Gregory Phillips